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HSUS Sues Purebred Dog Breeders

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A novel small business helping reputable dog breeders connect with prospective pet owners was sued by HSUS.


Aug 2014 Update| TheDogPress Staff


A Miami-Dade Circuit Judge dismissed the HSUS lawsuit against Purebred Breeders, LLC in October 2012 on the grounds that the Humane Society of the United States failed to prove its case.


According to the lawsuit [Case Number: 11-38180 CA02] was filed through “HSUS's in-house senior attorney Kimberly Ockene against Purebred Breeders, which is a family-owned Florida business that connects well-raised puppies with loving families hoping to find a new addition to their home.”


The press release issued by states the attorney, “Ms. Ockene, is currently being sued in federal court for conspiracy under the RICO Act as described below.”


Concurrent with the Human Society of The U.S. attacks on small breeders and placement organizations, HSUS is being investigated by the IRS for tax fraud [Case File Number 29-92012] in large part due to attorney Frank Losey’s untiring perseverance.


The irony of this escapes no one and may observers consider the HSUS's attacks are only diversionary tactics.  HSUS’s lobbying violations and the missing $500 million on HSUS tax returns was first covered by Losey in Jan 2011 for This and other irregularities was validated by six members of Congress who called for the IRS to act, stating "HSUS continually seeks donations through advertisements that claim the money will be used to help neglected or abused animals. The commercials deliberately lead the public to believe direct aid to animals is the main activity of the organization, as does the misleading similarity between the name of HSUS and the hundreds of local hands-on animal sheltering humane societies across America, which are wholly unaffiliated with HSUS and receive zero funding from it. If anyone thinks HSUS is about protecting animals they should read the entired York News Times article which in part states "HSUS is an animal rights group which believes animals should have the same rights as people (erasing the line between people, pets, and livestock and between animal welfare and animal rights), promoting vegetarian/veganism, stopping animal agriculture, and banning animals like cats and dogs from being owned as pets."


Purebred Breeders advisor, Brent Gattis, former Deputy Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Agriculture, states that, "HSUS is well-known for coordinating purported legal claims for publicity against responsible organizations and individuals. The Humane Society of the United States raises funds for its lawsuits and lobbying activities while leading the public to believe that the donations are supporting local shelters."


Speaking for Purebred Breeder, Mr. Gattis continues, "Purebred Breeders' experience in defending itself against legal claims is typical of the attacks other animal organizations and individuals have endured at the hands of HSUS's large stable of attorneys. HSUS's strategy against legitimate entities is this: force them to defend themselves in protracted legal battles over meritless claims, while also creating a false public perception of the group being attacked."


Other organizations involved in the care, promotion, or sales of animals have found the courage and wherewithal to stand up to the Humane Society of the United States.  Most have failed, outspent and out-lawyered by incalculable bankroll of the Humane Society Of The U.S. covered the story of HSUS’ attempt to legally harass Feld Entertainment, owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. 


The intent was not to protect the circus animals but to stop the American public from enjoying and interacting with any animals.  In 2014, the Circus won settlements from HSUS totaling more than $25 million.  A drop in the bucket of the ocean-sized cash and holdings of the Humane Society Of The U.S.


That the Miami Circuit judge was not bought off or influenced by HSUS in the David vs. Goliath court case is remarkable and newsworthy.  A small start-up service to connect people seeking to buy a dog with reputable breeders?  The judge must have been overcome with good judgment and instead of greed and self-promotion.  And it didn't make the news?


When HSUS lost the circus case after years of expensive, ground-breaking battle, that too was ignored by mainstream media. Why would any news outlet not cover such a huge human-interest story? One can only surmise that print and television media decided the benefits from the Humane Society’s blanket advertising campaign, consisting ONLY of donation-solicitations, were worth more than its purported duty to journalism and commitment keeping the public informed. and a few other major “animal rights” watchers covered the Animal Rights vs Circus story. Having cleared its name, Feld Entertainment brought a RICO (Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) against major AR groups{1} . According to Purebreed Breeders, LLC “Feld Entertainment has alleged that HSUS engaged in an elaborate racketeering and conspiracy scheme involving at least one paid witness, obstruction of justice, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and malicious prosecution.”


Feld Entertainment is to be commended for standing up to HSUS, PeTA, and other animal rights groups {2} and proving that animals do have a voice. Given the terrorist group associations of long-time certain HSUS employees {3} the public can expect more such legal antics and scare tactics from HSUS. ALF is #1 on the FBI Domestic Terrorist list so animal owners can probably depend on continued harassment and scare tactics, combined with still-used tactics from the 70s Animal Rights {4} beginnings.


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