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How Show Breeders Can Survive readers respondBreeder responses to Extinct Show Breeders brought especially well thought out ideas and common sense solutions on how show breeders (and Wellbred purebred dogs) can survive.


May 2017 Update from Sept. 2013  | TheDogPress

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


It is now 4 years later and AKC has openly welcomed puppy mill produce, opened its Canine Retreat (Manhattan Boarding, Grooming, Dog Walking business), online dog products store, and trademarked a jillion products and catch-phrases.


Most show breeders feel the American Kennel Club is more focused on $$$ than on the Stud Book, dog shows, and purebred dogs. We welcome your comments to be included in The Future Of AKC (click the link) or Email the Editor with private comment.


Here are some the best responses to Extinct Show Breeders, positive, doable, well-reasoned.


Kurt Williams - "After reading this article the first thing that comes to mind is show breeders need their own site. May be a Facebook Page where they can post and advertise legitimately and honestly. Maybe it can be hosted and done by referral of other show breeders. We can be our own worst nightmare but it is a thought."


Joyce DeLay Kaviak Alaskan Malamutes "Enjoyed the article---nice work."


Sande Wheeler B Sky Kennel Griffin, GA - "I have been showing dogs for over four decades. I don't do politics! I show to have fun with my kids and then come home. I do not belong to any clubs anymore---I know how to gossip if I want and not one of them has ever done anything for me. When I have a litter of pups I sell them without Papers to screw AKC. I tell the buyers that if they just have to have papers they can register them with CKC for $15.00 bucks. More money AKC doesn't get. Anyone can do that also. The only puppies registered with AKC are the ones I keep. I show any and all other kennel clubs and AKC is the last one I take them to. My buyers still sign my contract and I still keep babies until they have had all their puppy shots. My babies are quality babies and all parents have the proper testing before being bred. Usually there a waiting list before the babies get here. If not, I advertise on free sites. I know this would horrify show breeders to do this however I have made great friends thru puppy sales. Funny isn't it I still sell my babies while they are holding on to those high priced babies and giving AKC papers. I would much rather have a great home than the money and I get those great homes!

     "These animal rights creeps have never scared me and they never will-------let them bring it on. We will survive if we do it right."


Lisa Foster - "One thing I think we can do is visit schools often, throughout all the different grades. Teach the children while they're young & impressionable that it is not evil to be a responsible breeder. Teach them how to recognize a responsible breeder & definitely visit the high school ages as a lasting impression. Maybe breed clubs could get together & have neighborhood information days/get-togethers."


Joe Cruz, Chatham Hill Dogs - "I really hope you can help to educate the Show Breeders and the public. Its necessary to address this from both sides of the fence to improve the situation for dogs first. Once that main issue is addressed the rest will improve around it as well. The outcome should be a fix through education resulting in changes in practice on the part of the breeders and better educated perceptions by the Public."


Ellana L Clarke MyLUV Old English Sheepdogs & CHI-KUAN Shar-Pei "In 2007, I retired from the dog game after almost 38 years. I bred, trained (conformation and obedience) exhibited (both as an owner-handler and as a professional) and even found time to do a little rescue work when time and money permitted. When I started in OES, my mentor was Dr. Oren and Aggie Bush and they taught me that I can only control myself. I have to know what my morals and ethics are, what's major important to ME with my breed and individual dogs and move forward, ignoring the vast arrogance and greed that floods the dog world. Nothing I can do will change how the world around me revolves so I did the best I could with what I had and improved with each passing year and litter.

     "I bred nothing unless it had proved itself in the show ring. Before a breeding was planned, each dog had to be thoroughly tested for anything and everything it could be tested for. I had many CHIC dogs, many champions, many nationally ranking dogs including the most titled SP bitch in the world. The other thing I could not control was the fatal kidney problems the SP has. If it was every sick, for whatever reason, it was eliminated from my showing and breeding program. As long as stayed on to my morals and ethics track, the breed was safe with me.

     "I watch all these fanatics trying to control clubs, breeders and exhibitors and I really have to laugh. Do they really think they are winning this game? They may have more followers than we do but they are all uneducated, being lead around by the nose. We cannot allow them to intimidate us. We, everyone, has a right to do what they want with their property. If it isn't what we would do, we just have to turn our heads and keep moving forward. I don't have time to fight ignorance.

     "We need to form a legal organization to protect our interests and hire the best legal representation we can find. When and if we are threatened, we leave the matter to our legal consultants. Membership fees to this organization will help pay the bills but maybe we'll have to pitch in a little more to cover the expenses. It shouldn't matter. We'll get the job done. We could call our organization, Breeders' Protection League, BPL, for short.  Doesn't matter the breed or where you live or why you have the dogs you do. You have someone watching your back and fighting for your rights as an American.

     "We can do this quietly and with dignity. Before too long, people will be moving to our side because they will realize WE are the smarter, more progressive organization. We can have a yearly national meeting where we spend time educating the members who have come to us for help. We cannot allow ourselves to judge one another but to support and guide them in the right directions when asked.

     "Breeders can take more control with the results of their hard work by making sure the unqualified puppies are sold spayed or neutered. We sell them for a more reasonable fee and we stay tuned into the new home. It's really so very simple to take charge and make changes for our benefit and our breeds' welfare."


Clint Werner - "I believe that a group of wealthy fanciers should purchase ad space each week in USA Today and highlight a breed at risk and encourage people who want to take a stand against extinction to do the noble thing and keep breeds alive. The ad should have an exquisite photo and something about the history of the breed. We need to promote dog shows to the public as cheap, wonderful, wholesome family outings that children love. Thank you for your work! Clint Werner longhaired standard dachshund owner for 50 years, God bless breeders!"


Linda G Braun - "Show dog breeders should REQUIRE that all registered puppies have parents who are certified as passing the breed club-recommended health tests. If they won't do health tests, they ARE puppy mills."


Dee Burdick - "Your article was right. Right now. I'm sitting on year old, champion breed male, Yorkies, neutered, vetted, rabies, blood work checked, micro chipped......can't find buyers for $800."


Jan, Bestuvall Bull Terriers “Best Breed On A Lead" - "It would sure be nice to be able to copy some of your stuff to send to my breed lists.. they will not allow attachments.." We've had the webmaster remove the no-copy code from this page.  See icons about and please, share away.


Dana Agresta, AKC Breeder of Merit, Legislation liaison GRC & SRCGT Hiddenoaksworkingfarm - "Well, extinct... went all over!! I sent it and it has hit me 2x over thru facebook and all over on the yahoo list!! 2 thumbs up!!!"


Sherry L Shivley - "Although we are putting ourselves squarely in the bullseye of PETA HSUS and the other crazies, we need to promote ourselves. We need to advertise on Animal Planet. We need to travel to schools and teach the children that purebreds are not bad. They are Healthy! We need to break up the cliqs and welcome in new people. Help them find Mentors, Breeders, Handlers. Let them know that their children can get scholarships for showing. EDUCATE! Welcome! Be the person your Dog thinks you are!"


Sandra Himsley - "I used to be a member of an Australian forum, Dogzonline, I love breeding good sound dogs, but I hate the bitchiness and backbiting that goes on in the Australian show scene…  I wasted breath and credibility saying, we need to be proactive, we need to make sure we are not creating dogs that can’t reproduce without a vet, this breed (Chihuahua) has been in existence for thousands of years without needing a vet. The show scene is NOT improving the breed! Extinct Show Breeders Editorial is spot on. Just today, I talked to a breeder who has bred amazing dogs but she is finished as a breeder because someone made complaints to the RSPCA (who) inspected her dogs and left happy… but the council ranger banned her from owning more than 4 dogs despite being a licensed registered kennel for over 20 years. Another top breeder gone.

    Australia has over 25 million people yet our registered breeders have continually fallen to now 6,000 and I know more who will not renew. This youtube video (shows just one) of the shootings and the cattle. They turned up thinking she would not be home. Fortunately she was running late and still home when the “euthanization” took place, her sisters took photos and video.  this is humane euthanization."


Alice Grillo - "One idea comes to mind…. Get Show Breeders to petition the AKC to use its funds (or garner donations) to counter-advertise. If the HSUS and PeTA and ASPCA run touching ads on Television, they can be countered with touching ads from AKC, CKC, FKC, UKC, any of the big clubs, but mostly AKC. We can and should advertise AS A WHOLE. I would sign a petition. I would be willing to offer ideas on what these commercials should say. I would be willing to pound on a few doors.

     "Example thoughts: “Purebred puppies make perfect companions. You don’t have to have a champion, you don’t need to show your dog, to want the best for your dog. A puppy from parents who have undergone rigorous health screening, a puppy who has been socialized from birth and raised in an environment that fosters the best possible outcome for the puppy, a puppy who comes with a guarantee of health or your money back – is this what you would want for your family? Of course it is.

     "Responsible breeders, the passionate breeders of your favorite breed are serious people who are devoted to the health, integrity and well-being of their dogs. They go above and beyond what you would imagine a breeder would do.” This, voiced-over a video of purebred dogs, male and female, romping, playing, fetching, cuddling – all NON competitive activities. Then puppies in whelping boxes. Puppies playing, puppies being weaned, learning to climb, seeing their world expand…pan out to puppies in the arms of adults, kids in the forefront, puppies giving sloppy kisses, kids giggling…and a reminder that the puppy is health guaranteed. Meaning your puppy will have a forever home, even if you can no longer keep it, your breeder, your “partner” in the life of your puppy, will take this puppy back, no questions asked. It would be interesting, if we would do it. Something along the lines of the “I could be great” commercials, which are quite moving, in my estimation."


Lori C-C SFX Samoyed - "Will be interesting to see if this gains any traction. Good cause, though I wish their petition had been spell-checked and proof-read. Grammatical errors are distracting..." (editor’s note: The petition to which she refers was removed from the government site due to lack of signatures.)


Kathy Grayson - "I just read your article. I have been telling the General Public that HSUS and Peta are trying to make Pets Extinct for years. Of course, nobody believed it could happen. I feel that this is a war between animal lovers and Animal Rights zealots. HSUS and Peta were the first and most effective. Now that ASPCA is in cahoots with HSUS they are a big problem.

     "A couple of years ago I came up with an Idea to inform the general public, especially the LA/ Hollywood area – (it) got a lot of attention. The campaign was called Bucks For Billboards. I have a friend who is a dog show Superintendent that had access to many dog people. We got donations to put up 100 billboards in Los Angeles that said "Protect Your Right To Own a Pet" and it had the international NO sign with HSUS and Peta in the center. was the first domain name we got for people to go to and learn the truth. We contacted NAIA who was interested in promoting a website for the billboards.

     "The L A Times contacted me because they wanted to write a column about the billboards in their paper. We were called "Greedy Breeders" and were ashamed to let anybody know we occasionally breed dogs. I think the pendulum may be starting to swing back the other direction. I have had more people interested in purebred dogs lately. They didn't have so much luck with the "rescue" mutts.

     "Now, I think it is time for Breeders be proud of what they produce and to take back the language. When somebody calls that wants a "rescue" I say, "Do you think my dogs need to be rescued from me? Or do you just want a free or inexpensive dog?" It shocks them but, it gives them something to think about. When somebody calls me to "Adopt" a puppy or dog, I say "Do you want to buy a puppy/dog? I have some for sale, not adoption" If we don't do this, we allow the AR's to continue to be in charge.

     "I think that AKC needs to start promoting "Breeders" big time. They could put up billboards and advertise in movie theaters (inexpensive advertising). They are trying to make more money. They count on breeders for registrations. If it wasn't for us, there would be no AKC! We need to be proud to be breeders of purebred dogs again. These are just a few (ideas). Thank you for publishing that article."


Sharon Marquis, Carry-On Whippets - "Dear TheDogPress, I think the main tool should be education. The HSUS and PETA and the rest of the AR people are winning the battle because they have gotten their message to the public and we have NOT. Unfortunately John Q Public has bought the glossy ads and the accusations that we are just as bad as puppy mills and that every time we produce a puppy we "kill a shelter dog". We have become ashamed and have gone into hiding!

     "First we need to debunk the idea of the "horrible overpopulation problem" in this country. People need to know that "rescues" are dragging dogs up from the south into northeastern states and bringing in dogs from out of the country to fill their shelters! They need to know that dogs coming in from outside of this country are bringing in parasites that we don't have in this country as well as rabies. They need to know that reputable breeders only produce 10% of the dogs in this country.

     "All of this information needs to get out to the general population, but how do we compete with the deep pockets of HSUS and PETA? It is a simple matter of money. WE need some deep pockets of our own for glossy magazine ads and tv spots, but who will help? AKC could, but they won't shoot their bottom line in the foot by alienating the puppy mills....oh, excuse me, the "high volume breeders"!! AKC has abandoned us, pure and simple. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers as to where we can turn, but I do believe that this is the only way we will win the battle and regain our dignity as responsible breeders.

     "Thank you for printing your article and allowing people to share it.  Sincerely, Can you believe I even hesitated to put my kennel name on this? "


Anne Wylie - "I think if we could get show breeders to band together and have multiple dog world, dog fancy, on line websites....we could get our names out there and sell our pet puppies..for instance say one show breeder has no puppies for sale but if they got the contact could refer the contact to someone who does have a pet puppy for sale.... like this place to put up a cute picture...tell about the baby..if we could do this and get more contacts what it does is give us a choice of where our babies go....some good some not so good some good contacts....we would still have to qualify the contacts of better than our not breeding...we will eventually give up I fear."


Julia Perry - "I would most assuredly work towards an organization such as TUBA. Thanks for the article."


Marietta Christensen, home of Mel-Mar Rottweilers - "Hello, we have bred Rottweilers for 26 yrs … so far we have not had any trouble finding GOOD home's for our puppies. We only bred to keep something back to show so we just have 1 litter a year if that so I usually have a waiting list.

     "As pure bred breeders we need to let the public know that when you get a dog or puppy from the pound the door can be opened to many problems such as social issues, health. When buying a (breeder’s) puppy the new owners have a fresh start with their pup it costs just as much if NOT more to get a dog or pup from the shelter by time they pay several hundred dollars up front then re training… in some case's if irreversible health problems come into play. Somehow we need let the public know that well bred dogs is where it's at though advertisement. My dogs are advertisement because I TAKE THEM EVERYWHERE to the store's where they allow dogs, outside restaurants, parks, and people do want to see them and pet them they ask questions my dogs are ambassadors of our breed.

     "It's sad our sport of dog showing is getting less entries more and more. AKC has been trying to introduce more venues for people to get interested in hope it helps."


Fred Lanting, Consultant - "Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a dog-fancier lawyer or legal firm “on our side” could be the clearing house for reputable breeders who are afraid to advertise because HSUS, PETA, etc. might be knocking on their doors with inspection teams! Maybe for a small registration or listing fee to cover some actual costs such as advertising, postage, etc., not legal fees."


Hyta The breeds are doomed unless the AKC either gets rid of the limited registration or curtails its use with rules. For instance, if a person limits the registrations of a litter, that breeding should never be duplicated, and if a dam or sire have offspring with different mates of which more than 1/3 in each breeding end up limited, then that dam or sire may have a problem. The idea here is that the dog who’s papers are limited must have something genetically wrong with it and the idea that a breeder should curtail the future breeding of dogs they sell is nothing but protectionism which has in fact harmed the very people who set out to protect themselves. I have been in dogs for over three (human) generations as even my Grandmother was a show breeder of Bostons and Scotties. And I am telling you the show world and the pet world are BOTH enhanced by the dogs bred even by people who are not show breeders. The alternative is far worse. It is designer dogs, imported diseased dogs and shelters actually breeding mutts so they can have leaders to get people into the shelters. I would like to remain anonymous on this one, because I shot from the hip…"


Claudia "Breed for function, not form. Breeding for form ultimately creates caricatures of the real dogs that have befriended and served humanity for millennia. If your line can no longer efficiently do what it was originally developed to do, but still wins best in show for that breed, you've gone too far.

     "Open your clubs to include mixed breed registrations and/or events and focus competition on what dogs and owners can do together, instead of simply what a dog looks like. Be inclusive, rather than exclusive. If more people see your breed, because they're showing their "mutt" at a competition you're at, they might just be looking to you for their next puppy.

     "Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback on this important issue."




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