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The shelter that didn’t!  This so-called animal shelter abandoned a lost, helpless, 11 year old dog “to the wild!”


July 26, 2010 | The Frankfort Humane Society mistook a purebred AKC registered Shiba inu for a coyote.  How can any humane society be that ignorant about dogs?  What does that say about this humane society?


Plenty!  The elderly dog might be considered “unadoptable” at some shelters but with a human interest story on local television, a compassionate person would have come forward to adopt the little dog.


That didn’t happen.  No compassion at this shelter and job training or even no common sense there either.  We’re told that no person at the shelter recognized her as a dog!  The elderly little dog named “Copper” was “turned loose” after the human society “consulted with a wildlife expert who said coyotes were nuisance animals and should be returned to the wild or killed.”


But wait.  Police Maj. Frank Deaton said the dog had no collar or identification but remarked that the dog had gone peacefully with his officer.  His officer obviously knew it was a dog and not a wild coyote!  The shelter should have consulted him.


One vet said “it would have been kinder to ‘kill’ her mercifully than to dump her to die alone and on her own.”  We agree.  Whatever was the shelter thinking?!!  How could anyone that uncaring and untrained be employed at a shelter whose image is that of helping dogs?



When owner Lori Goodlett discovered her beloved pet of 11 years was gone from the back yard, she immediately put up posters.  Fortunately, the police officer who took Copper to the shelter saw the posters and recognized the purebred Shiba as the stray dog he had taken to the shelter.


When contacted, the shelter said poor little “Copper” was given no shelter because “coyotes weren’t allowed there.”  John Forbes, the Humane Society board chairman backs the shelter’s decision to dump the dog, stating “we rely on the people who work there (at the shelter).”


No one can understand how anyone could have mistaken the purebred AKC registered pet for a coyote.  Fortunately, the police officer had photographed the stray before taking her to the shelter.  That photo has everyone in Frankfort KY on the lookout for the elderly little dog.  She is probably disoriented and very hungry.  Cages have been baited and set up in hopes of capturing Goodlett’s beloved pet.


We wonder if the Frankfort Humane Society is helping to search for the little lost dog.


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