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Eyes don't lie. .  Watch this video of the FDA approved test tube lab process creating "muscle strands" to replace real meat.

Aug 2014 Update

Test tube meat!!?! What will PeTa come up with next to "prevent animal cruelty"?


Cultured meat is laboratory created and should be labeled correctly, worse than GMO meatMay 20, 2014 Science Daily released a statement by Cell Press which said in part: "The scientific progress that has made it possible to dream of a future in which faulty organs could be regrown from stem cells also holds potential as an ethical and greener source for meat. So say scientists who suggest that every town or village could one day have its very own small-scale, cultured meat factory."


NASA began researching "cultured meat" (meaning the starter is actually animal cells, not vegetable protein) for long term space voyages. The in-vitro growth technique was FDA approved in 1995 and NASA began conducting experiments in 2001, producing in vitro meat from turkey cells.


How and when the cultured meat process received funding from PETA is not disclosed but we are clearly told PETA has provided funding.


Shades of Soylent Green! One of our readers sent this and we were skeptical until we watched the video.


According to Wikipedia The process of developing in vitro meat involves taking muscle cells and applying a protein that promotes tissue growth. Once this process has been started, it would be theoretically possible to continue producing meat indefinitely without introducing new cells from a living organism.It has been claimed that, conditions being ideal, two months of in vitro meat production could deliver up to 50,000 tons of meat from ten pork muscle cells.


We aren't told what animals are sacrificed to make "real meat" but not to worry, it will solve "global warming", prevent disease from contaminated meat and of course, end animal cruelty. The scientists explain it all. Really!




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