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Keeshonden Rescue Seeks NY Gov. Cuomo’s Help


Keeshonden rescuers are asking for public support of their request that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo force the shutdown of a Harpursville, NY, puppy mill.


August 2014

Reported by Diane Benz, Watch VIDEO Theater below.


In 2013, Marjorie’s Kennel was named one of the “101 worst puppy mills in the country” by the Humane Society of the United States. The facility, located in a rural area, was cited in August of 2013 by the NY Department of Agriculture after more than 200 dogs, primarily Keeshonden, were found living in filthy pens, many suffering from disease or injuries.


More than 50 sick dogs were euthanized and 50 more are believed to have been sent to or sold at a dog ‘auction’ in Ohio following the inspection.


To date, rescue efforts have resulted in the release of 60 dogs who have been found to be suffering from a variety of health issues including bacterial, yeast and fungal infections; lameness; parasites of all kinds; coccidian; giardia; campylobacter; bite wounds; abscesses; hip dysplasia; demodex; luxating patellae; and malformed limbs. All were frightened of human beings and completely unsocialized.


In October 2013, the owner of the kennel, Marjorie Ingraham, signed an agreement to release the remaining dogs into the care of Suncoast Keeshond Rescue. Suncoast quietly raised more than $80,000 and worked with foster and adoptive Keeshond lovers from around the world to successfully find safe havens for more than 100 dogs, since that was the number of Keeshonden in the kennel at that time.


To date, only 60 of the 100 dogs have been released to Suncoast per the signed agreement. Despite vowing to “retire” from breeding, Ms. Ingraham has refused to turn over the remaining dogs to rescuers, despite the availability of approved homes.


Suncoast Keeshond Rescue (and hundreds of Keeshond lovers supporting rescue efforts) is now asking Gov. Cuomo to work with state and local officials to shut down Marjorie’s Kennel once and for all. This request is in accordance with the 2012 passage of New York state’s “Charlemagne’s Law,” which requires more and better care than any of the dogs have received at the kennel.


To #FREETHEKEES, sign the online petition at  For rescue details and photos, as well as instructions on how to write a letter to Governor Cuomo, visit


See Rescued Kees transformed from this:

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