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I don’t know much about medicine but I’ve seen enough guys patched up on the battlefield to respect this Doctor-Senator for protecting animals in those testing labs.


March 8, 2023

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


The new 2023 FDA Modernization Act allows drug manufacturers to use “scientifically rigorous, proven non-animal test methods” when they are suitable. Those new animal exclusion testing methods will save dogs and other laboratory animals from physical abuse but I don’t know about mental and emotional torture...



Are dogs still caged? Do they get any good interaction with people? (editor’s note: see end-page for 2021 numbers of DOGS used in lab research.)


The ‘new and improved’ FDA Modernization Act 2.0 {Ref #1} introduced by Senator Rand Paul in Kentucky, allows the use of cell-based assays and computer models in order to “investigate the safety and effectiveness of a drug.” I like this guy, like his father Ron Paul, who served 10 or 12 terms for Texas, Rand is no pushover. He was an Air Force flight surgeon in the sixties.


But what about dogs used for other testing purposes? I think they are still used for drug testing – that is different than drug detection. I found what I suspected I’d see. Some of those drug testing reports were painful to read about.


My question is why are dogs used at all? Don’t they already do enough for us? I did some digging. Last year over 20,000 dogs served the U.S. Armed forces.



You remember those old movies about war dogs. They guarded remote posts, detected enemy snipers, and Messenger Dogs got through when nothing else worked. OK, today we have wireless communication between troops but those codes can be broken or jammed whereas Messenger Dogs somehow knew which humans to avoid and how to find the “good guys.”


Veterans are honored although not as much as they should be and I’m here to tell you that a lot of Military dogs were also wounded or died in defense of our country. You “dog people” should lobby for a Military Dog Day or get National K9 Veterans Day (March 13th) passed as federal legislation and do away with “animal testing” that involves anything other than a rat.


I salute Senator Rand Paul for the Animal Testing Act and a whole lot more (Ophthalmologist since 1993). I remember his father Dr. Ron Paul as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force back in the 60s, then becoming an obstetrician-gynecologist after discharge. I see his son following in his footsteps and today he’s known as a stand-up defender of our Constitution and Civil Rights.


It is good to know he also cares about animals. My take on the guy is that he is a giver not a taker.


There was a time when dogs gave their lives for us on the battlefield. They saved thousands of lives. That should be enough. They don’t deserve to be any part of animal testing.


I’m back, a buddy just stopped by and dumbbell that he is, he said “Whatcha doing bud?”


So I tried this out on him. I knew he wouldn’t read it so I just told him the premise and before I finished a sentence, he went off on me. “I thought you liked dogs! Hell Harp, you had a great dog! What’s wrong…


I stopped him there. Explained. He nodded. We talked a little bit about old times and great dogs. When he left, I did a slight re-write here. I hope you will message Senator Paul {Ref #2}and your own state representative.


Let’s DO something to help helpless animals. Your dog will know.


Related and Reference Information: The Humane Society of U.S. (43,000 DOGS in research labs in 2021) ~ {1} FDA Modernization Act ~ Contact Senator Rand Paul EST 2002 © Mar 2023



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