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Record-setting pet food recalls in 2009 failed to solve safety and ingredients problems such as moldy or ii Salmonella contaminated cat and dog food.


May 2014 Update from Nov. 2009

Newsroom Staff


What may be the most pet food and product recalls in a single month began in 2009 (see recall list below) but 2013 and 2014 saw even more recalls involving almost every top pet food manufacturer!


According to the AVMA, 2013 began with Publix Dog Chew Treats and went on to include Hartz Mountain, Nature's Variety, Kasel, PetCo, Boots and Barkley, Nutri-Vet, Hy-vee, Diamond, Innova, EVO, Health Wise, California Natural, Bravo, Golden Feast, and top pet food names such as Abady, Iams, Eukanuba, and Purina right through April 2014!


In 2009 Diamond Pet Foods recalled several lots of cat foods deficient in thiamine manufactured for Premium Edge Pet Foods. The dates of manufacture are May 28 and Aug. 30, meaning much of the cat food was warehoused or on pet food distributor shelves for six months before being recalled.


Dog food recalls include chew toys - make sure they are American made.

Wysong recalled certain lots of dry dog foods containing mold - but no mycotoxins according to the recall release.  What a relief - until one breeder noted that the only “safe” form of mold she knew of was penicillin.  The food was manufactured in June and July. The recall affects Wysong Maintenance dog food and lot 090623 of Wysong Senior dog food.  That’s better, only five months before recalled.


Nutro Products recalled several lots of dog foods with a best-by date of Sept. 10 after finding pieces of a worker's plastic hat in the production line. Nutro, plagued with multiple recall problems, determined that the final products probably did not contain any plastic.  Are we are to assume this was only a precautionary measure?  The recall applies to Nutro Ultra Puppy food in 4.5-pound packages, bar code 79105 51313, and Nutro Natural Choice: Chicken Meal, Rice and Oatmeal Formula Small Bites Puppy food in 5-pound packages, bar code 79105 23050, from PetSmart stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.


The recall also affects Nutro Ultra Puppy food in 30-pound packages, bar code 79105 51315, from Petco stores in California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah.  The MVMA will continue to update members as new information becomes available.


Nov. 4, PetSmart voluntarily recalled two Dentley's Beef Hooves products for potential salmonella contamination. The products were manufactured by Pet Carousel, Inc. in Sanger, Calif.


Nov. 5, FDA issues “health alert” for pig ear and beef hooves pet treats.  In fact, FDA CONDEMNED pig ears and beef hooves made by Pet Carousel because routine product testing revealed ii Salmonella contamination.  By referring to the recall as a health alert, most dog owners were unaware that in fact, the FDA clearly stated “All sizes and lot numbers are included in this alert and pet owners are instructed to dispose of these products.


The AMVA states “A follow-up inspection of the facility revealed salmonella in the treats and the manufacturing facility.”  Does that mean other products have or are likely to be contaminated with salmonella?  Was there a supervised cleanup ordered?  Who did the “routine product testing”?  Was it PetSmart, Pet Carousel, or FDA?  Perhaps FDA was already moving to test the pet products but there are many unanswered questions at this early date.


According to the FDA, the affected products are: “Pig ear pet treats: Doggie Delight and Pet Carousel Beef hooves pet treats: Choo Hooves, Dentley’s, Doggie Delight, and Pet Carousel.”  Does that mean all Pet Carousel products or just “Dentley's Beef Hooves purchased between Oct. 2, 2009 and Nov. 3, 2009”?  Cited are Dentley's Bulk Cattle Hoof UPC# 73725703323 and Dentley's 10 Pack Beef Hooves UPC# 73725736055.


FDA does not say when or where the pet products were made or how long they have been on supplier shelves.  Always check labels; some still show when and where the product was made.


As an aside, much of the shrimp in your grocery store freezer or cold case comes from China. Country of Origin is no longer required.  You can only imagine how long it has been that way in pet foods and pet products.  As a Safe Shopper, you need to know that products “manufactured” in this country may contain toxic, even deadly ingredients from other countries.  Let us not forget the human babies who were sickened by melamine-tainted baby formula and Melamine from China, used to artificially boost protein in dog food, poisoned and killed thousands of dogs.


Dog owners learned the hard way not to buy rawhide chews unless they were clearly labeled “made in the U.S.” Fortunately, a growing number of companies are now proudly labeling their productsMade In America” but there is still the question of where the dog food ingredients come from.


In a better informed world 5 years later, why are pet owners still buying prepared foods?  Convenience and Cost.  The 2 C's.  As long as we run harried, busy lives, there is little time to shop for and prepare fresh foods, even for our families.


Best advice for your dogs, if it isn’t from a pet food company that uses human quality ingredients from the U.S.A., you should be aware - and beware!



Pet Food Fraud it's on the shelves!  ~  Thyroid Diagnosis & Treatment, by Organic Chemist, All Breed Judge


There's a wealth of information on how and what we feed our dogs in the Canine Nutrition Section.


Most sites fail to provide records on frequency and reasons for product recalls, both of which indicate a company's pattern and safety record.  See complete list of Pet Food Recall Records: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

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