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Four show dogs on the way to the yearly AKC/Eukanuba dog show were stolen from the van parked at Motel 6 in Bellflower.


Reporter: Fran Milteer | TheDogPress - Long Beach, CA - 11|30|10


Handler Tamara Houser’s two Akitas, the male a top ranked dog, and two Welsh Corgis, slept in the white 2006 Chevrolet cargo van just outside the room.  Other short coated dogs were taken inside the motel room with Tamara’s close friend and assistant, Christina Rickard. 


The motel has three security guards so when Christina and a friend walked the dogs about 11:30 they felt perfectly safe even though there were only a few other vehicles parked there.  The horror began when Tamara called at 6:30 the next morning and Christina immediately realized the van was gone!


Tamara’s white cargo van should have already been spotted.  The black tack box on the rear could have been removed but probably not the dog stickers on the back windows. The fact that it hasn’t been spotted is discouraging. 


Assuming that the van was the object of the theft doesn’t make sense unless the thief assumed it contained some kind of valuable equipment.  If that were so, imagine the surprise when a fearsome male Akita was discovered inside!   Even crated, it would take a brave thief to climb in that van.  Then there’s the loud ruckus two Corgis would have made, surely enough to send a would-be car thief running from the scene?  Why risk it when there were other vehicles in the motel parking lot?  Christina couldn’t have heard the barking and let’s face it, we sleep through dogs barking at shows, but the thief should have been frightened away.


There is speculation that it was the work of an experienced dog person.  That leads to the “why?” question.  The Akita is believed to be in the top five and Eukanuba was looking good for him as well as the Japanese import Corgis.


animated gifs  This edition was held for a more in-depth interview with Tamara scheduled for Wednesday evening but we found out late last night (Dec 1st) that the two Akitas have been recovered.  Details and hopefully “Corgis Found!) will be in the next edition.


*UPDATE* Stolen Showdogs Recovered


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