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Best Anti-Depressant, Puppy Or Pill?


When the world seems upside-down and you need comfort, which is safer, a pill or a puppy? Thatís a no-brainer for dog owners.


November 15, 2021

Guest Author, Liddie Cooper



We have a society in which depression is more normal than abnormal. People run to a doctor with real or imagined problems and are diagnosed as depressed. Donít you wonder how many psychotherapists prescribe a puppy as an anti-depressant???


Suicide is becoming more common than I can ever remember. It is as though our world has turned upside down.


Invariably patients leave the doctorís office with a prescription for one of many anti-depressants, all of which come with a suicide warning. Thatís an oxymoron! A pill for depression that can actually lead to suicide?


Everyone has a cause, right or wrong, and people can always find something to argue about. We choose a side and people jump on the bandwagon and donít even know the facts of the situation. Winning an online debate is nice for the moment but one of my greatest joys comes from placing a healthy loving puppy in a forever home.


That Ďfur babyí becomes a member of the family where they receive and give unconditional love and involvement. Only a dog can do that. Cat owners, you know thatís trueÖ and you are smiling.



That puppy becomes someoneís comfort, a dependable secret keeper and a forever companion. That little puppy puts smiles on so many faces, joy in hearts and often, the very reason someone got up - just to take care of the dog! That is especially important in the elderly.


So I ask you. Puppy or Pill? I choose puppy every time and we need more responsible breeders to breed healthy puppies to spread love in this world.


Beware though, dogs are addictive and thatís okay because they are safer than antidepressants. Puppies do have side-effects like chewing and house-training and they come a warning Ö you never know what can come out the other end of that puppy (LOL) but puppies are a million laughs, kisses and the unrestrained, honest love only a dog can give.


That is Godís gift to us and some would say, like our Creator, only a dog gives unconditional love, no matter what... Dogs are also a natural and effective anti-depressant! A laugh and a kiss is better than a pill any day.


So, look at your pets with new eyes. Your dog understands you better than any analyst ever could. He or she is there for you around the clock. He knows when youíre down and whether you need a doggy hug or a silly antic to make you laugh.


Share this thought with a friend and put a smile on someoneís face today! EST 2002 © Nov 2021



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