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Cities Gone Wild, Need More Police Dogs!


Police and drug sniffer dogs are being phased out in American cities just when assaults against police officers are breaking records in 2022!


August 9, 2022

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


America’s cities have gone wild and law officers are handcuffed by fear of being prosecuted for harming someone who is doing harm to others. Equally crazy, police dogs are being phased out because they might scare someone.



Don’t laugh, question the tactical sense of crime-ridden city leaders when you read “St. Paul, Chicago, New Orleans, Oakland, and Seattle, have recently moved to severely restrict police dog use.” ~


Even our nation’s capital joined the political? cost-saving? movement. Washington D.C. police discontinued “canines trained to detect marijuana, meth, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.


Why are such effective canine protectors of our society and safety being phased out? Why are so many career police officers taking early retirement? Are they dog handlers?


Guard dogs are part of human history. In the 14th century dogs were used in France to guard docks and piers. For over 4 centuries Americans have used dogs to help law enforcement and we still do because modern technology cannot replace a dog’s nose in following human scent, be it an escaped convict or a lost child.


The use of “tracking dogs” to find lost children is so common that it isn’t even news.


You might remember one famous example wherein English Bloodhounds tracked down “Jack The Ripper” in 1888. Bloodhounds are still used by the prison systems, forestry service and police.



The National Institute of Health says that within 60 seconds a drug-sniffing dog can locate and indicate “hidden drug samples … with 87.7% indications being correct and 5.3% being false.


So, the obvious question is are police or drug cartels running things in 2022? Our current border problem should not be a problem. We gladly funded drug-sniffing dogs and mobile, mounted officers. What has changed? Border Patrol officers are not as visible as the neighborhood cop but they are just critical to our safety, perhaps more so today.


Look, police dogs and personal protection dogs prevent crime. That's why they're called police dogs or guard dogs. One police dog can control crowds as well as two or three officers because we have an instinctual fear of getting bitten. One barking dog in your house will make a would-be thief move on down the street.


One of my service buddies is with a police department now. They used to be Mounted Police and he said their elevated presence was psychologically and physically a powerful deterrent against crime.


He told me that in late 2021 “they also did away with police dogs” and after a meaningful pause, he said that some kind of outside force seems to be affecting our lawmakers. We left it there but he reminded me that police on horseback were once common in cities like New York City and San Francisco.


He said horse police were as “popular as trolly cars.” Now that I think about what I just typed, those cities and Washington D.C. have significantly high crime rates.


Yeah, they are among what I call cities gone wild. It is like some sub-human force has taken control of many great cities. Why did those mounted border patrol officers get such a bad rap? And why are police are no longer respected and loved by city kids?


Well, I seem to have questions but no answers. The editor said is on facebook now so maybe you will tell us what is going on in your town. Do you still have police dogs? Are your law enforcement officers still there for you?


Email me or open a discussion on facebook and let us know if you still have police dogs in your city. And what about your police department? Are they well-staffed and appreciated or are they taking early retirement? EST 2002 © Aug. 2022



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