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The Olympics brought a gruesome practice to the world stage, worthy of a medal for inhumanity to man’s best friend, many Koreans still eat dogs! (see video)


March 13, 2018

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


Only six states, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, and Virginia ban the practice of eating dogs. How gruesome is that disturbing fact? Worse yet, in the video below there seems to be “politically correct” exceptions… Bottom line, in most of the U.S. it's still legal to eat dogs and cats but now that we’ve informed readers, we trust animal owners will contact their legislators.


Sitting down to a restaurant meal of dog meat (see video below of NYC Chinese restaurant kitchen preparing dog meat) would bring protesters to your table faster than you can say bow-wow but in West Africa and parts of the Arctic, China, Indonesia, the Korean peninsula, and Vietnam no one would notice. Except perhaps a western dog lover.


The Olympics have brought attention to other countries, customs, and people like the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un who has publicly hailed dog flesh as a superfood in order to encourage his starving people to eat more dog meat by suggesting “it contains more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork and duck.” The fact that traditional meats are so expensive and hard to come by cannot be ignored.


One has to wonder why, as an island nation, they don’t eat more seafood? Perhaps only the wealthy can afford to buy fish?


At least North Korea isn’t as bad about “dog food” on the table as is South Korea. We learned that there are as many as 20,000 “dog farms” raising dogs like beef. Humane organizations report the dogs are “wallowing in their own filth” and inhumanely treated.


In 2017 it’s estimated that two million dogs were killed for food in South Korea alone. One of Moon Jae-in’s first acts as the new president was to adopt a dog that would have been slaughtered for someone’s table. Some lawmakers plan to draft laws against eating dog meat. Whether that will happen, or if such regulations will usurp the dog-eating tradition remains to be seen.


The opposition party is strong on the dog-eating tradition and the need to feed the population. So much so that they displayed a banner that proclaimed “Dog Meat Soup Contains the Spirit of the Nation” and shouted that the current regime cared more about dogs than about the people.


Kim Sang-young, president of the Dog Meat Association, said “It’s not like we are eating special guide dogs, sniffer dogs or police dogs.” Our correspondent observed that neither South nor North Korea has more than a handful of service dogs. Obviously it is a word game. Politics are all about perception and both Koreas have a problem. For anyone traveling or working on either part of the Korean peninsula, be careful what you eat.  Oh, and remember the states listed above that still serve dog meat! EST 2002 © 1803



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