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Do you support 2021 legislation that funds-expedites importing dogs from other countries when shelters ii euthanized-killed more than 670,000 healthy American dogs?


August 10, 2021

Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


“Shelter” implies safety but it is the most unsafe-deadly place an animal could be in but the point is WHY do we need to import dogs to the U.S. when so many healthy dogs are killed/destroyed each month?



Marty Irby with Animal Wellness Action reported that House Bill 4502 Funding Amendment Number 39 provides “$3 million in funding to better streamline inspections and processing of canines seeking to enter the U.S.


My reaction is, is this about money? Over 50,000 dogs are killed/destroyed each month! {Ref #1} The numbers for cats are even worse. This breaks my heart. But then I got mad at the misuse of my tax dollars when I read what our overpaid “representatives” are doing..


A measure designed to shorten the wait for dogs currently banned from entering the U.S. passed the House of Representatives on a bipartisan voice vote. The amendment to House Bill 4502 {Ref #2}, a federal spending bill, was co-sponsored by Nevada Democratic Rep. Dina Titus. Many of those dogs, according to Representative Titus, accompanied U.S. soldiers overseas and have been banned from returning.


I just don’t believe that! Of course we allow service dogs or any dog owned by a military person to come back to the United States. I don’t need a crystal ball to see this as just cover-up for an issue they are trying to sneak by us taxpayers!


The friend and ally Marty Irby of Animal Wellness Action reports that the CDC “…estimates 6% of imported dogs come from countries at high risk for rabies.” When I put that frightening thought in the same sentence with a $$$ sign it clicked with something we would think good and noble.


Until you give it a second-thought… my relatives call it second sight and I don't have it but I can see that House-bill 4502 can/will be misused to provide passage for foreign “rescued” dogs imported for sale by people who want to “help the dogs” from some other country…


Let’s face it. There are commercial profit-driven groups who thrive on bragging rights like “saving” a dog “imported” from some other country.


You know this is true. Adopting a local dog isn’t a conversation-starter but saving one from a foreign country? Wow! How did you manage that? Aren’t you noble and clever and big-hearted… But nobody wants to hear about healthy dogs and cats being destroyed by the millions right here in America…?


On July 14, 2021 the CDC suspended import from countries classified as high risk for rabies. I see that as a tiny step in the right direction.



The U.S. also suspended import from countries at high risk, if the dog had been in a high-risk country during the previous six months, according to the agency’s website.


In 2020, CDC identified a significant increase compared with the previous 2 years in the number of imported dogs that were denied entry into the United States from high-risk countries. Due to reduced flight schedules, dogs denied entry are facing longer wait times to be returned to their country of departure, leading to illness and even death in some cases,” says the CDC website.


This is very sad and every dog lover wishes we could save them all, does any of this make you wonder WHO is paying the bills to import all these dogs? You and I gladly support our military and would gladly chip in to help cover costs for a soldier to take his best friend overseas or bring a foreign dog home.


But our tax $dollars should not pay any part of the cost to import foreign dogs. BUT we’d like to know if indeed there is a cost and how we can help.


Are you asking “Why?????” Why would anyone fund the importation of dogs from other countries when thousands of American dogs are “put to sleep” here every year.


{1} Number of pets euthanized each year World {2} EST 2002 © 2021



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WHY IMPORT A MILLION MUTTS? Sure, import dogs of unknown health and behavior when dog pounds are full of vet-checked, temperament-tested American dogs begging to be adopted, not killed!

CDC BANS IMPORT OF HIGH-RISK RESCUE DOGS: suspension on dogs entering the United States from any country at high-risk for canine rabies, effective 7/15/21. How does this affect you?


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