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With no way to explain to your pets or livestock why nighttime came before feeding-time, tell our readers (below), were your animals agitated or confused?


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB

April 17, 2024 has already received dozens of emails! Horses headed for the barn, cattle lowed (i.e. mooed) and sheep “flocked” closer together. But what about you? Even though you understood what was happening when the sky darkened, it was weird.



This once-in-a-lifetime event is an incredible opportunity to study how animals react to such “disturbances” and to compare it with existing data on earthquakes.


Tell us below how or if the solar eclipse affected you or your animals. Be sure to include your state and/or time zone. Also specify whether we can include your name if our webmaster wants to quote you.


We asked our local veterinarian if animals could suffer eye damage. He laughed, said “What makes you think any animal would look up at the sky?” Well duh!


The NIH (National Institutes Of Health) reported most animals “exhibited a behavioral response” to the eclipse but NIH failed to elaborate on what that was.  If your house pets or livestock showed signs of distress or an awareness that something odd was going on, please email our offices and describe how your animals reacted.

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