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Kennel Properties And Realtor Safety


It’s a weird world in 2019 and these true incidents reported by a top real estate broker are a timely warning for dog breeders and kennel owners.


September 17, 2019 |

Tam Cordingley Specialty Broker, SAAB


Some years ago Kennels & Horse Farms had a kennel property for sale which was very secluded. It was in the mountains of North Carolina at the end of a long dirt road. There was a gentleman from the north interested in the property and I was to meet him at his motel. When I got out of my car he said come into the room to see his dogs.


I said okay and was met with very large German Shepherds and one smaller dog running around. He pulled up the sheets on the beds to protect them from the dog hair and at the same time picked up the biggest stainless steel gun I have ever seen in my life. He put it in the back of his pants and pulled his shirt over it.


He then said “Okay are we ready to go now (pause) does this frighten you?


I said “No not at all, I've got my gun in the car, not a problem.


So off I went with a total stranger to show this empty place that was very secluded. I had my German Shepherd with me. We went up this long road where there wasn't a house anywhere within sight of the secluded property.


I was very careful to keep him in front of me rather than behind me as we toured the property. Afterwards I thought to myself “that was the dumbest thing you've ever done in your life because he could very easily have killed you.


Not long after that I was showing a piece of land to an oriental gentleman and it was also out in the country and no houses nearby. We were crashing through brush headed towards overgrown woods when he said “Wait a minute. I'll be right back I have to go get my machete.


He came back with a 3-foot machete and luckily, he was a very nice man and he didn't chop my head off but he just as easily could have. So I took those two showings as more than coincidence. It was a warning that times have changed since I first became a broker. We specialize in Kennels And Horse Farms, both of which are often properties with acreage and/or no close neighbors!


So I’ve changed my property-showing procedure. When I meet someone instead of leaving from the office, which I do frequently to show out-of-the way properties, I take down their license number. I then call home and leave a message on my phone as to who I am with and where and when I expect to be back.


This has become my procedure now because in kennels and horse farms brokerage we see a lot of people at vacant or remote places. Even in the city it is prudent to use common sense. If we don't know the person from business or other property showings it is reasonable to ask for identification when meeting them “out of office”. Just say it is company policy and if they are straight-up people they will understand.


I also mentioned this to a breeder friend who lives alone. When strangers ask to come see puppies, it would be prudent to ask for I.D. before admitting an unknown person into your home.


Editor’s note: January 2019 Mercury News ~ In Pinole, CA a woman was assaulted by a man who had claimed he wanted to purchase a dog.


June 2019 Austin TX ~ Pit bull breeder attacked with umbrella by animal rights defender posing as puppy buyer. No charges filed.


September 2019 NBC News ~ Columbus, OH police are searching for a man who replied to a facebook ad. Mrs. Marcum (said) the man pointed a gun at her, grabbed one of the puppies “and escaped with it”.


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