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Political Leaders Breed Choices: Cuomo


The news covers NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual indiscretions, politics and mixed-breed dog but ignores his decision to risk nursing home patients to COVID-19!


August 13, 2021 Update |

1st ran March 23, 2021

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


Last month I observed that a dog owners’ choice of a canine buddy is an indication of their personality type unless it is just a political prop. Cuomo’s dog is a handsome mixed breed said to be a “Siberian-shepherd mix, with some Malamute thrown in” according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.



My guess is that no dog can tell a lie but NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual indiscretions are back in the news again and he had no problem lying. In March he stated “In my mind, I've never crossed the line with anyone.” Then in another televised news conference from his New York City office, he apologized “for making women that have accused me of inappropriate behavior feel uncomfortable and for being out-of-step with the times by telling off-color jokes and calling women "honey, sweetheart or darling.


There are so far, 11 state employees who have filed sexual harassment charges with State Attorney General, Letitia James.


Governor Cuomo finally decided to resign Aug. 10th after his own political party pushed him saying “it would be the right thing to do, he needs to step down.” Cuomo stated “I think that given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing...” Lt. Gov. Kathleen Hochul will succeed him as history's "first female" governor in New York State.



What is missing here is coverage on Cuomo sending 9,000 COVID-19 hospital patients to NY state nursing homes. Was he thinking about reducing the state’s financial burden because nursing home care is significantly less? Bad decision.


I’ve dealt with hard-heads but more than irrational, Cuomo refused the Navy Hospital ship Comfort that President Trump sent from the Norfolk VA Naval Air Station.



Instead, Cuomo moved those COVID-infected patients into nursing homes with high-risk elderly patients! That act is seen as thoughtless or, by many people, as “attempted murder” for which he should be arrested!


TheDogPress is not the only news outlet reporting the nursing home horror but mainstream media seems to be downplaying that while flattering the guy over his sexual indiscretions.


While aggressive sexual behavior keeps the population booming, deliberately sending COVID-19 infected patients into nursing and Elder Care Homes is sure to reduce it.  Does Governor Cuomo fit in with these great leaders?



If that nursing home cost-vs-life decision was not premeditated, it was at the least, a thoughtless, stupid thing that no so-called leader should have done.


Shame on today’s media for ignoring the real crime while sensationalizing sexual tidbits.


Reference Information {1} Governor Cuoma from CBS New York.

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