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A military buddy emailed an article about college campus riots destroying American values, so I asked the dog snoozing on my foot about leadership.


Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance

May 15, 2024


My dog thumped his tail to acknowledge he heard me. He’s a good “dozer” but not much of a leader. I smiled, ruffled his ears, told him to not worry about politics and went back to my friend’s email.



Wayne has a daughter in college and nowadays, he does obedience training. One time he told me dogs listen to everything we say. When I scoffed “No way!” he said “Listen up! They wag if you mention food but if you think about giving him a bath, your dog disappears! Right?” I chuckled aloud, knowing he was right.


My dog looked up with that question-look, like “what’s funny” so I must have been thinking out loud. I apologize… nothing funny about today’s politics. Our man in charge might lead a blind man to a seat but that’s about it.


I give him credit for giving a try at having a dog but respect him more for giving up on the ‘man and his dog’ thing.


Just last week one of my poker buddies said the President’s dog bit over 20 Secret Service guys. Those SS guys are like rocks with brains but getting dog-bit goes beyond duty. We all laughed when Andy laid his cards down and opined “Not everyone with a dog knows which one is the leader.” I mentioned President and Nancy Reagan and boy, that got us going. We’re not all of the same politics but we sure agreed on Reagan.


Flipping the TV on news this morning and letting my buddy out, I can tell you, my old dog doesn’t have much of a tail but he has a whopper of a brain. There have been times when he was dead asleep but wiggled his butt or thumped his tail to show he was listening to me thinking. When I mentioned that to my neighbor, he thought I was kidding. Oh well, he doesn’t even know who our senator is. We can talk about the weather (and his garden) but that’s about it.


My daughter came by and we talked about what’s going on at college. We agreed that only a couple of years ago such behavior would be incomprehensible. (her word, not mine.) I laughed when she compared their behavior to a bunch of baboons. Then I realized she wasn’t kidding.



She said college costs over $50,000 a year so parents must have more money than sense… Took me a minute and then I got it. As I was laughing at her pun, she told me that Miranda (her longtime best friend) said in some cases it’s worth the cost just to get them out of the house.


I raised an eyebrow and she explained that there’s a lot of “kids” living at home because they can’t face reality and don’t want to go out into the world. That led to an enlightening discussion but I’ll spare you the details.


My kid has never been very interested in “current news and events” so it surprised me when she brought up the “invasion” on our borders. Her word choice was interesting and when she said “Can you imagine the boss of a wolf pack or a herd bull welcoming a challenge to his leadership?” we were off and running.


Well, that’s another story, (she laughed at my pun) so I’ll dig into it and get back to you with some more on leadership… Right now I need to let the dog in and fix some chow. EST 2002 © Msy 2024



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