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Who does your veterinarian work for? You and the animals he treats, or the veterinary business mantra? Inside-out veterinary practice exposed.


April 3, 2018

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


Preston James, PhD occasionally provides under-the-radar news. Always thought-provoking, he’s done it again and while these snippets are about human medicine, we recognize the implications to veterinary medicine, particularly when applied to new puppy owners instead of new mothers.


"…the field of pediatrics has been booming... offer(s) high career satisfaction and inducements such as … annual visits for vaccines and "checkups" ensure a steady stream of repeat customers and revenue… with "vaccination a foundational bread-and-butter component of pediatricians’ job description." ~ excerpt from incentivizing-pediatricians-to-be-vaccine-bullies.


We were amazed to learn "For vaccination, providers receive $400 for each eligible two-year-old who has received all 24-25 vaccines” and one has to wonder if a similar “rewards” program exists in veterinary practices?


It would make sense because the scenario is the same. Loving parent or pet owner who knows little about pediatrics or veterinary medicine, but wants to “do the best for..” baby or new puppy. Opening our eyes to human health care "practices" makes dog owners wonder if that’s why some veterinarians insist on vaccine compliance? Dog breeders say many veterinary practices don’t want knowledgeable dog owners.


Instead of a traditional “breeder discount” many breeders report they pay more than their pet owners who use the same veterinary practice!


Dog breeders in rural areas with limited access to veterinary practices may be forced into over-vaccination protocols or accepting veterinary medicines which they know are over-priced and probably not as effective as herbal or homeopathic remedies at half the cost! But you dare not refuse if you want to keep your veterinarian. Doctors "have a legal duty to fully inform patients” who ask about potential medication risks and in many states, the same applies to veterinarians. They also have a duty of care to animal owners.


So why don’t vets explain the possible side effects of veterinary prescriptions? Is it possible they have a purchase and/or dispensing quota to meet?


Whether it is the monetary rewards many physicians count on, avoidance of censure, or missing out on pharmaceutical company perks such as paid vacations, dog owners need to be-aware of the value (and risk) in today’s veterinary medicines and the modernized, monetized veterinary practice.


New puppy owners have a big target on their backs and it looks like a dollar sign. EST 2002 © 1803



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