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Your Dog’s First Fireworks


The 4th of July – Independence Day fireworks can be the scariest, most stressful event your puppy or young dog has ever experienced but here’s help for you both!


Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives

June 2024 Update | June 29, 2021


First, as much as you may want to take your new puppy out to show him off and socialize him, Independence Day is the worst occasion to do that. Exploding fireworks and cheering crowds can frighten, even traumatize your dog.



What you see as a fun, social outing can cause a lifelong fear phobia in your dog. Whereas you can explain what’s happening to your child, no amount of verbal reasoning will overcome your dog’s fearful reaction to explosions, cheering, and shouting crowds.


Leave your puppy home on the 4th of July!

Depending on how close you are to the celebration site and explosive fireworks, you may need to make preparations ahead of time. You can reassure a babe in arms much easier than you can convince a panicky puppy that “its okay…



Independence Day fireworks, even on television, can frighten a new dog. The strange pops and blasts can cause lifelong fear phobias so be prepared to distract him when the fireworks go off. I suggest you have a brand-new real beef knuckle bone on hand.


When the fireworks show is about to start, put puppy (or adult) in the crate with his special treat and let it go at that. Don’t make a big fuss over him if he gets anxious.


Read this twice! Reassurance can be interpreted as PRAISE for his fearful behavior.


Just act natural when the fireworks begin but if your dog begins to show fear try distraction. Let the TV show run (you can always wind it back) and if you have carpet, get the vacuum cleaner out… If he’s ball-happy, take him outside for a few minutes of spirited play and praise.


Then enjoy the show and be thankful you are in America, still the “Home of the free and the brave. EST 2002 © Jun 2021 rev2406



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DOGS FEAR OF FOURTH OF JULY: Dogs have exceptional hearing and Independence Day fireworks and loud crowds can frighten, even traumatize your dog, causing lifelong fear phobias so leave him home on the 4th of July!


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