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International Dog Shows: IABCA Review


The International All Breed Canine Association is a different type of dog show. At IABCA, after you are judged, you can talk with the Judge and he/she tells you what they think of your dog, and they give you a written critique.


May 2016

Sherry L. Shivley, Top Journalist Award 2014


You must receive 3 V1’s from 3 different Judges, one of whom is an International Judge, in order to get your Champion (CH) title or above. I enjoyed meeting other people showing, and learning about this type of show.


It went down from there.


There were 22 dogs in my class. The Judge took at least 10 minutes and in some cases more, to talk to each person and write the critique. I showed in my second class before I went in for Group for the first class!


This is a great idea in theory, but it needs to be streamlined. Perhaps as the Judge is looking at each dog, write the critique, and put in your folder. Then at the end of the day if you want to speak to the Judge, you have so much time per person to do so. This would move the class along in a more timely fashion.


There were 6 rings in an area where there should have been 4. I counted the steps I took with my Boxer - 5 steps before I turned the corner. I could not move my dog! The “mats” were tar paper taped down and the rings were small cones taped to the floor with orange tape around it to make a boundary.


I know that if they would have contacted a 4-H club or the local Greeley Kennel Club they could have rented or used their equipment.


There was no photographer, no food vender.


The whole show in my opinion was very poorly laid out.


The medals are very lightweight and nowhere on them does it say IABCA. They did have beautiful BIS ribbons. With a 2 ˝ hour drive ahead of me, I didn’t stay for BIS either day.


Now, here’s the REAL kicker! You pay $31 per class, and for the EXPRESS class, it's an extra $21 to make sure you get all the V1’s you need for your International CH. You take all your orange cards to the desk, and there you pay them $40 for your certificate!


Disappointed much? Yes.


If you go to a UKC show, you pay for each class and that's it. There’s a vendor there so you don’t starve, a photographer to record your achievement, and lots of friendly people. The Certificate for each level of winning costs you nothing.


The Judges talk to you about your dog, and it doesn’t take long at all. The classes are on time.


The UKC Judges are knowledgeable about the breed. Each of the IABCA Judges said my Boxer was BIG! Yet he is well within the Breed Standard.


They had Junior handling classes for free which was nice but it was too short and rushed.


For $10 there was an adult class, but I saw no adults taking it.


They also allowed the local Rescue to do a CGC test to raise money for the cause. I feel they are trying to do something for the Dog Community, but falling short.


Perhaps if I had not been to AKC and UKC shows, this would have been my Normal. To wait hours after I had shown to go in for Group. I am perhaps impatient as I age, and I want to just sit after the show and cuddle my dog, not stand in lines to get what I paid for.


I chose to drive because most of the Greeley CO hotels charge high fees for the privilege of having your dog in your room. The nearest La Quinta was an hour away so we just did the shuttle between home on the Eastern Plains and the show.


I would suggest that if you have time and money, try IABCA. Otherwise, go to a UKC show and have fun instead of waiting. And Waiting. And Waiting.


I did make a new friend with her beautiful Newfoundland. Actually my dog Hobbs found her. She looks like his handler and he made a beeline for her. The rest was Boxer Kisses and a new friendship founded comparing our furry kids.


Her boy Joker celebrated his Birthday with ice cream at Applebees and the hotel they were staying at presented him with a new toy.


That’s what it’s all about. Celebrating milestones with our dogs, knowing we are taking home the BEST, and making new friends!!


See ya around the ring! EST 2002 © 165





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