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Midland Shar-Pei Club Open Show


Shar Pei Photos and Report by

Chinese Judge Eric Takeshi Omura


Winners of Shar Pei Specialty Show in Midland China, includes world-famous judge’s critique on critical features of Shar-Pei breed type.


The Shar-Pei Specialty Show held 16th of July, 2005 - Venue: Sports Connexion, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, U.K.


It is my great pleasure and honor that Midland Shar-Pei Club has provided this opportunity for me to judge in this Open show.  This is my first judging experience in the United Kingdom and I am deeply moved by the number of participation in the show.  To promote this wonderful Chinese breed, it is participation in show, to exhibit the breed that will make a difference at the end of the day.  Members’ participation is a direct manifestation of our love for this breed.


Health is always an important issue for Shar-Pei and I have found the overall health condition of the dogs in very good condition.  Particularly for those exhibits with more padded muzzle, one must be careful not to have rolled in lower lip over the lower incisors.  Over padded muzzle should not a trait to be selected.


Optical hygiene needs the most care for the Shar-Pei breed.  Tendency of rolled in upper and lower eye lids is top on the watching list to keep the lovely breed free from discomfort.  A healthy eye of Shar-Pei although set in but should be similar to any other dogs, free from rolled in eye lids.


Shar Pei Class Winners, fawn bitch Reserve BIS WinnerEars need to be small but in proportion to head.  “As small as possible” is not the correct expression.  Ears should be reasonable in thickness and must be reactive to surrounding sound clues and stimulations.  Ears in general in the exhibit are of good condition; some a bit on the thick side but not an issue as long as it is a live reactive ear.


Fawn bitch on the left: Reserve BIS and Best Bitch, Butterfield’s Gizy Jo Giggle N Gossip with Chequerpei Center dog: BIS and Best Dog, Ward’s Jentiki Sunkissed Ricaro Right puppy: Best Puppy in Show: Wisbey, Starferry Scarlet Ribbons for Qinrose Judge: Eric T. Omura; center, Lana Tsan: Second from right Coat and specific wrinkles are the two most distinctive features of the breed.  This time, I see a wide range in length of coat.


Ideally, a Shar-Pei coat must be short and up standing.  The length at the withers can be longer than the rest of the body, but coat on the back and rump must be short.


A softer short coat is acceptable (a lesser evil) but a longer coat especially at the back of the body, regardless of stiffness should be avoided. Colour of the coat on average is well kept in solid colours, but a few fawn with black ticking.  Black ticking is not a desirable coat condition.


I am so glad to see that the days of the wrinkles are over.  All of the exhibits I see are of well defined specific wrinkles.  Specific meaning wrinkles only at the right place, namely on the forehead and at the withers; at most, some extra at the back.


BEST SHAR PEI DOGShar Pei Heredity Heritage Award WinnerAll the exhibitors should be proud of their dogs’ temperament.  They are all very friendly to touch.  It is a reflection of their owners’ positive human-animal bond.  Overall movement and drive of the dogs are good.  Besides the necessary external features, a Shar-Pei originally as a hunting and working breed should have smooth, steady movement with reach and drive.


Picture (right) is China Kennel Club founder Lana Tsan with BIS and Best Dog.  With very good traditional expression.  The HHA (Heredity Heritage Award) for Shar Pei can be presented to this dog also.


Best Veteran Shar Pei Winner 7 years 9 months oldShar pei on platform (left) is Presentation of Best Dog trophy, Ward’s Jentiki Sunkissed Ricaro.  An exceptional dog I never expect to show up in the ring.


Next is Best Veteran in Show: (photo on right) Wisbey’s Starferry Scarlet Ribbons for Qinrose. 


This Shar Pei female is (7 years 9 months old) A good traditional type Shar Pei.


All difficult choices and since Jentiki won the BIS already, let’s have more fun with equally magnificent bitch of Bonzai Hey You Look at me Japendo (below).


Winner of special Shar Pei Heredity Heritage Award

Photo (left) is Heredity Heritage Award: Wade’s Am. Ch. Bonzai Hey You Look at me Japendo.  A special award I brought to UK to encourage participation and tribute to Shar Pei traditional type.


This is a prize given after the show.  This prize is specially meaningful for three reasons:

  1. This has a very good traditional expression and within the Shar Pei standard as defined.

  2. I had a difficult choice between Best Bitch Gizy Jo Giggle 'n Gossip with Chequerpei and the final divide was between Bonzai’s tail and Gizy’s head.

  3. Bonzai’s tail carriage was very weak on the day of the show but I believe it was because of fatigue.  Gizy’s head and tail, and especially the showmanship was great.

Lana Tsan, Shar Pei Club President Ms. Pat Pearce, Mrs. Cathy Jenkins Club SecretaryFor traditional Shar-Pei, the tail is the flying color of the knight.  The tail high and forward carriage show the pride and confidence of the breed.


By coincidence, this is an American Champion so we have good traditional dogs in America..


The owner traveled all the way from Ireland to participate in the show.  I am very moved.


After the show, (see photo on right) flowers presented to (left to right) Lana Tsan, Mrs. Cathy Jenkins, Club Secretary and the Club President Ms. Pat Pearce.


We are grateful to Mr. Omura for sharing the photos and his knowledge of the Shar Pei breed.  AKC judges and Shar Pei breeders can benefit from his insightful comments on breed type and features considered important to the Shar Pei in its country of origin. EST 2002 © #051521711


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