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April 2018

by Subscribers


AKC GROUPS ARE: HERDING, HOUND, NON-SPORTING, SPORTING, TERRIER, TOY, WORKING.  Breeds in each group line up in the Group Ring according to size or speed at which they gait around the ring.  BEST IN SHOW LINEUP is according to size of each Group winner so that larger breeds which move faster are first with short-legged breeds lining up last.


The American Kennel Club divides dog breeds into Groups according to general purpose for which the breed was developed. The AKC groups as of 2018 are as follows:

Sporting Group, Hound Group, Working Group, Terrier Group, Toy Group, Non-Sporting Group, Herding Group, plus Miscellaneous Class and Foundation Stock Service breeds which do not compete at Group or Best In Show level and are therefore not tabulated.


When Did You Get Your First Purebred Dog?

pre-70s, pre-1999, post-2000

70 Fred Lanting - 1937, a TFT

70 Janice Anderson - As a child, a Collie

70 Paula Stebbins - 1944

70 Karen Elvin - 1945

70 D Hedgcock - always purebred dogs

70 Robert Schaible - Summer, 1946

70 Tam Cordingley - 1950ish

70 Kathryn Smith - 1950ish

70 Judith Maier - 1954

70 Denise McGinnis - 1955

70 Nancy Broz - 1959

70 Rincy Ebbert - 1960

70 Debra Gaylord-Thomas - 1960

70 Judy Herring - 1960

70 Nancy Link - 01/1960

70 Diane Jacobsen - 02/1960

70 Donna Fitzpatrick - Early 60’s

70 Shirley Fair - 1963

70 Pamela Offutt - 1963

70 Gail Ferguson - 1964

70 Bonnie Chandler - 1965

70 Lilian Barber - 1966

70 Mary E - 1968

70 J’Anna Lyttle - 1968

70 Diann O’Neal - 1968

70 T Palmer - 1968

70 Ky Moffet - 1969

70 Susan Bass - 5th grade, 1969


99 Cindy Knox - 1970

99 Sharon Ero - 1970

99 Liz Lufrano - 12/1970

99 Cyndi Bender - 1972

99 Janice Koler-Matznick - 1972

99 Jeff Rodbourn - 1972

99 Carol Stegavig - 1972

99 Becky Tehon - 1972

99 Shirley Taylor - Chow Chow

99 Tracy Burdick - 1973

99 Tamara Dunn - 03/1973

99 Betty Grotophorst - 10/1973

99 Carlotta Cooper - 1974

99 Chris Lewis - 1974

99 Nancy Phillips - 1975

99 Marjorie Rosa - 12/1975

99 Anne Eckersley - 1976

99 Mary Deats - 1977

99 Becky Eterno - 1977

99 Teri Kavakos - 1977

99 Dave Milne - 1977

99 JoAnne Buehler - 1979

99 Pam Williams - 1979

99 Bobbi King - 1979

99 Steffie Cheng - 1987

99 David Arthur - 10/1989

99 Jackie Kurzban - 12/1989

99 Teresa Hall - 1990

99 Jan Boggio - 1991

99 Kris Fitzgerald - 1991

99 Caroline Boris - 06/1992

99 Ann McMillan - 07/1994

99 Mark P - 1999


2000 Alexandra Dantuma - 2002

2000 Ken James - 03/2004

2000 Cahli Carothers - 12/2005

2000 Joanna Seleme - 2005

2000 Monica Galley - 11/2008


What Was Your First AKC Registered Dog?

The most popular breeds according to group classification i.e. breed type and purpose.

Herding, Hound, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Terrier, Toy, and Working Group

HE Bobbi King - German Shepherd Dog

HE Mary E - German Shepherd

HE Tam Cordingley - Collie

HE Cyndi Bender - Old English Sheepdog

HE Shirley Fair - German Shepherd

HE David Arthur - Shetland Sheepdog

HE Becky Tehon - Collie

HE Susan Bass - German Shepherd

HE Ann McMillan - Shetland Sheepdog

HE Nancy Broz - German Shepherd

HE Diann O’Neal - German Shepherd


HO Betty Grotophorst - Afghan Hound

HO Rincy Ebbert – Boxer, Afghan Hound

HO Monica Galley - Dachshund

HO Judith Maier – Dachshund

HO JoAnne Buehler - Afghan Hound

HO Dave Milne - Irish Wolfhound

HO Kris Fitzgerald - Norwegian Elkhound

HO Karen Elvin - Norwegian Elkhound

HO Jeff Rodbourn - Basset hound


SP Carlotta Cooper - Irish Setter

SP Teri Kavakos - Irish Setter

SP Nancy Phillips - English Springer

SP Judy Herring - Irish Setter

SP Donna Fitzpatrick - Labrador

SP Robert Schaible – Am. Cocker Spaniel

SP Diane Jacobsen - Labrador Retriever

SP T Palmer - Cocker Spanie

SP Chris Lewis - Irish Setter

SP D Hedgcock - Cocker Spaniel


NS Shirley Taylor - Chow Chow

NS Denise McGinnis – Dalmatian

NS Mary Deats - Schipperke

NS Tracy Burdick - Poodle

NS Bonnie Chandler - Poodle

NS Cahli Carothers - Poodle

NS Debra Gaylord-Thomas– Poodle


TE Pamela Offutt - Scottish Terrier

TE Pam Williams - Welsh Terrier

TE Alexandra Dantuma - Scottish Terrier

TE Kathryn Smith - Smooth Fox terrier

TE Marjorie Rosa - Scottish Terrier

TE Becky Eterno - Irish Terrier

TE Janice Koler-Matznick - American Staffordshire Terrier

TE Steffie Cheng - Miniature Schnauzer

TE Sharon Ero - Scottish Terrier

TE Liz Lufrano - Scottish Terrier

TE Gail Ferguson - Wire Fox Terrier

TE Fred Lanting - Smooth Fox


TOY Teresa Hall - Toy Fox Terrier

TOY Joanna Seleme - Silky Terrier

TOY Ken James - Pug

TOY Ky Moffet - Toy Poodle

TOY Lilian Barber - Italian Greyhound

TOY Nancy Link - Pomeranian

TOY Anne Eckersley - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


WO Cindy Knox - Boxer

WO Paula Stebbins - Great Dane

WO Janice Anderson - Newfoundland

WO Caroline Boris - Great Dane

WO Jan Boggio - Newfoundland

WO Carol Stegavig - Great Dane

WO Jackie Kurzban - Rottweiler

WO Mark P - Doberman Pinscher

WO Tamara Dunn - Samoyed

WO J'Anna Lyttle - Rottweiler


What Attracted You To That Breed?

Janice Anderson - My mother brought one home as a pup when I was 8 yrs old, after our Lab,"Dino" died. I was hooked!

David Arthur - My mom always talked of them, and they're adorable.

Lilian Barber - Wanted a larger dog but had a tiny yard. Saw the IGs at a dog show and knew this was "it".

Susan Bass - Family Guardian

Cyndi Bender - Cuteness

Jan Boggio - Temperament, look of the dog, working abilities

Caroline Boris - Had always wanted one since I was very little but my mother said 'not in my house'

Nancy Broz - 4 H project

JoAnne Buehler - ability for a larger dog to live in a smaller space without knocking everything over!

Tracy Burdick - non-shedding, smart, trainable

Cahli Carothers - Intelligence

Bonnie Chandler - My parents chose it

Steffie Cheng - I was around people who breed them and she was given to me as a gift

Carlotta Cooper - All my life I thought that Setters looked the way dogs should look

Tam Cordingley - Family dogs. Then GS, boxer, sheltie, smooth fox terriers, border terriers

Alexandra Dantuma - A friend owned one and I loved her.

Mary Deats - Grew up with them, mother had them as well as GSDs and Brittany Spaniels.

Tamara Dunn - It was a gift. We moved from Alaska to Tennessee. The puppy was to console me for being made to move.

Mary E - loving, gentleness and size plus we farmed and they loved being there with you.

Rincy Ebbert - Parents wanted one

Anne Eckersley - Small size with outgoing sweet fearless temperament

Karen Elvin - My parents' choice

Sharon Ero - Big dog in small package

Becky Eterno - personality, grooming a wire coat

Shirley Fair - young girl's fantasy, TV series

Gail Ferguson - Looks and personality

Kris Fitzgerald - love the spitz type and the breeds attitude

Donna Fitzpatrick - Dad raised them

Monica Galley - Family had Dachshunds

Debra Gaylord-Thomas - Family friends were in Poodles and Shy Bones fell in love with me, so my parents bought her.

Betty Grotophorst - Pretty, long coat, size, overall look, and mannerisms

Teresa Hall - Small size, coloring, temperament

D Hedgcock - Followed my mother home from docks in Long Beach during WWII

Judy Herring - Beautiful dog, good temperament

Diane Jacobsen - Duck hunting

Ken James - The subtleties of positive traits according to the breed standard

Teri Kavakos - Beauty and brains

Bobbi King - Most versatile

Janice Koler-Matznick - Tough, stoic personality, good with people, muscular appearance

Cindy Knox - Hubby wanted. Got rid of hubby kept dog and kids. Smart Woman

Jackie Kurzban - robust, intelligence, looks, size, working dog

Fred Lanting - My 1st GSD (late 40s) was large, noble, checked on all of us as we slept. Protector & cared-for.

Chris Lewis - Coat, colour, elegance

Nancy Link - dog was given to us

Liz Lufrano - Size and Temperament. Purchased at a pet store I passed every day on way to work.

J’Anna Lyttle - Wanted a GSD, but was unhappy with their structure, Rottie was similar and liked their structure.

Judith Maier - I'd met the breeder

Denise McGinnis - Markings, temperament, affininity with horses

Ann McMillan - The looks, size and personality

Dave Milne - personalities, characteristics of breeder-friend dogs

Ky Moffet - pure chance of an available dog

Pamela Offutt - My Grandmother had a stuffed toy Scottie and I was in love with it as a child.

Diann O’Neal - Wanted a dog to protect

Mark P - Trainability and looks

T Palmer - My parents bought her for me.

Nancy Phillips - Hunting

Jeff Rodbourn - hunting skills

Marjorie Rosa - lived with them when staying with a friend long term - independence, loyalty, persistence

Robert Schaible - My grandfather knew the breeder and bought a pup as a gift for me.

Joanna Seleme - Its personality, temperament, size and its gorgeous Silky coat.

Kathryn Smith - my mother raised SFT's

Paula Stebbins - Majestic and beautiful

Carol Stegavig - My parents always had Dobes & Shepherds. We I got married I wanted a big dog, brains & friendly.

Shirley Taylor - I love everything about them

Becky Tehon - Temperament and family history with the breed

Pam Williams - Family had that breed


What Breed(s) Do You Now Have?

Tops were Terriers, followed by Herding and Working breeds.

Janice Anderson - Newfoundlands, Sussex Spaniels, Australian Cattledogs

Pam Williams - Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Debra Gaylord-Thomas - Siberian Huskies, Cardigan Welsh Corgis & Belgian Mal. pet

Monica Galley - Dachshund

Cyndi Bender - Scottish Terrier

Teresa Hall - older Toy Fox Terrier, 1 mixed breed

Shirley Fair - German Shepherd, Pug, Dalmatian

Teri Kavakos - Welsh Springer Spaniel

Caroline Boris - Great Dane and Scottish terrier

Pamela Offutt - Scottish Terriers

Jackie Kurzban - Rottweiler and Australian Cattle Dog

Nancy Phillips - Skye Terrier, Scottish Terrier

Mark P - Doberman Pinscher

David Arthur - Standard Poodles and Dobermans

Judy Herring - Scottish Terriers

Judith Maier - Briard, APBT

Donna Fitzpatrick - Irish Russell Terriers and Malinois

Robert Schaible - Dalmatian

Diane Jacobsen - Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Sharon Ero - Scottish Terrier

T Palmer - Chow Chow

Liz Lufrano - Scottish Terrier

Joanna Seleme - Silky terriers

Jeff Rodbourn - Saint Bernard

Susan Bass - Beauceron

Fred Lanting - "working lines" this time

Shirley Taylor - Havanese

Ann McMillan - Shetland Sheepdog

Gail Ferguson - Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Tamara Dunn - Irish Wolfhounds, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Karen Elvin - Norwegian Elkhound

Nancy Broz - Shih-Tzu

J’Anna Lyttle - Beaucerons - 3 females.

Bobbi King - German Shepherd Dog

Rincy Ebbert - Afghan Hound

Ken James - Chihuahua and Pug

Mary E - Chihuahuas - they think they are Shepherds

Betty Grotophorst - Portuguese Water Dog

Jan Boggio - Newfoundlands

Carol Stegavig - Great Dane and always will

Kathryn Smith - Scottish Terriers

Marjorie Rosa - Scottish Terrier

Becky Eterno - Welsh Terrier

Ky Moffet - Labrador retriever (working type)

Lilian Barber - Italian Greyhound

Denise McGinnis - Dalmatian & rescue Pekingese

Diann O’Neal - Shetland Sheep dog

Kris Fitzgerald - Icelandic Sheepdog

Nancy Link - Australian Shepherds

Anne Eckersley - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Tibetan Spaniels

Chris Lewis - Bernese Mountain Dogs and Lagotto Romagnolos

Dave Milne - Irish Wolfhound, Borzoi

Tracy Burdick - Papillon

Mary Deats - Schipperke

Bonnie Chandler - Sheltie and Belgian Tervuren

Cahli Carothers - Malinois & Poodle

D Hedgcock - Great Danes, parents and gparents, ggparents+ had them

Cindy Knox - Boxers and Frenchies

Carlotta Cooper - English Setters

Janice Koler-Matznick - Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Steffie Cheng - Basenjis and Dobermans

Becky Tehon - Collie

JoAnne Buehler - Afghan Hound

Paula Stebbins - Great Dane

Tam Cordingley - German Shepherd


Do you actively breed AND show? If the answer was No, why not?

70% said Yes ~ 30% said No

Janice Anderson - Yes

David Arthur - Yes

Lilian Barber - Yes

Susan Bass - Yes

Jan Boggio - Yes

Caroline Boris - Yes

Nancy Broz - Yes

JoAnne Buehler - Yes

Tracy Burdick - Yes

Cahli Carothers - Yes

Bonnie Chandler - Yes I actively show, but breed only when I have a bitch who passes all the tests.

Steffie Cheng - Yes

Carlotta Cooper - Yes but not very often

Anne Eckersley - Yes

Sharon Ero - Yes

Becky Eterno - Yes

Tamara Dunn - Yes

Karen Elvin - Yes

Gail Ferguson - Yes

Kris Fitzgerald - Yes

Monica Galley - Yes

D Hedgcock - Yes

Judy Herring - Yes

Diane Jacobsen - Yes

Teri Kavakos - Yes

Bobbi King - Yes, I show in ALL venues and Therapy Dog and train service dogs

Janice Koler-Matznick - Yes

Cindy Knox - Yes

Jackie Kurzban - yes, show, on occasions and more performance than conformation. breed, not currently.

Chris Lewis - Yes

Nancy Link - Yes

Liz Lufrano - Yes

J’Anna Lyttle - Yes

Mark P - Yes

T Palmer - Yes

Jeff Rodbourn - Yes

Marjorie Rosa - Yes

Robert Schaible - Yes

Joanna Seleme - Yes

Paula Stebbins - Yes I show, no I don’t breed

Carol Stegavig - Yes

Shirley Taylor - Yes

Becky Tehon - Yes

Pam Williams - Yes

Cyndi Bender - No, no interest

Tam Cordingley - No, retired

Alexandra Dantuma - No, he passed away

Mary Deats - No, not at moment, retired and moved from one country to another

Mary E - No, Has become too expensive and dangerous.

Rincy Ebbert - No, 2 of my Afghans are rescue, so no. One is a show dog whose handler stopped showing because of health.

Shirley Fair - No, too expensive & political

Donna Fitzpatrick - No, shows are too political and many times the most popular handler wins and not the best dogs.

Debra Gaylord-Thomas - No, my youngest Sibe is 12, I plan to get another in 2018 or '19. Then I will start again.

Betty Grotophorst - No, I don't have a show-able dog. This breed is now become a back yard breeders dream dog.

Teresa Hall - No, increased vet expenses, anti-breeder vibe from vets, fear of government control over care of my pets

Ken James - No, I found the AKC environment to be very unfriendly, and I now do breed rescue, which I love.

Fred Lanting - No, been there, done that. Just want a great companion now

Judith Maier - No, I got old. The dogs got old.

Denise McGinnis - No, too elderly & retired on limited income

Ann McMillan - No, gotten older so have stopped breeding.

Dave Milne - No, we show, lure course, etc dogs from breeder-friends

Ky Moffet - No, I only breed to maintain my line: 56 fieldbred UKC CHs plus BIS/RBIS. Done with shows.

Pamela Offutt - No, I am a judge. Feel it is unethical for judges to breed and exhibit

Diann O’Neal - No, don't have any desire to

Nancy Phillips - No, showed for 28 years, retired now.

Kathryn Smith - No for several reasons - mostly personal, but disgusted with AKC and never integrated into UKC EST 2002 © 1804


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Thank you participating in this definitive profile of purebred dog owners!


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