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Your home can be invaded and searched WITHOUT A WARRANT, dogs and bank records seized, and steep fines imposed WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. HSUS and Liberal Politicians are feeling the power!


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has launched a 34-state offensive against dog breeders, setting up state offices and recruiting workers to gain support for laws against people who raise dogs. Illegal search and seizure, violation of your right to privacy, and in some states, no right of appeal or redress.


“HSUS strategy is to attack everywhere at once and use its army of highly paid employees and lobbyists to push through legislation quickly. It has the money, personnel and organization to wage this blitz attack, but dog owners simply lack the resources to effectively combat it. We have been placed totally on the defensive.” said John Yates, American Sporting Dog Assoc. Go to the ASDA website to see what’s facing you in your state.


Oklahoma – HB 1332 Passed, now in House. Law gives any animal control or police officer, or animal cruelty investigator unrestricted access to kennel owner’s home, facilities, animals, records and property, denies citizens Constitutional right of protection from unreasonable searches and seizures because there are no warrants required. Read the Bill.


Illinois - HB 198 Breeders showed up, vote postponed but if you own more than three intact females and sell puppies, you will be classified as a commercial breeder, meaning high license fees, inspections, loss of Constitutional rights, mandatory fingerprinting, criminal background checks by state police and FBI, no right to redress in court, and the forcible invasion of personal and financial records.


Indiana - HB 1468 snuck in as an unannounced amendment to an animal cruelty bill relating to convicted felons! Rescue exempt, breeders not; sell five dogs and you are a pet dealer, subject to impossible record-keeping to be available to law enforcement and potential buyers. Ten or more litters and you are a commercial breeder. Outdoor housing is banned and your home may not qualify either!


These actions are just the tip of the torch aimed at you. If you have read this far, it’s because you are finally getting worried. More than likely, it is too late.


You might as well try to sell your dogs, realizing that the only people buying breeding stock are the puppy mills so you better hope there’s a good pet home willing to take an adult instead of a cute puppy. You may keep a spayed or neutered dog but it will be extraordinarily expensive keep intact show dogs. And what good is an altered show dog? Oh, you hadn’t thought about that?


If AKC wants to keep the revenues coming in from televised dog shows, it should initiate “Neuter Classes” because that’s all we’ll be able to show. Unless of course, you are a HVB (high volume breeder) or one of the Hunte satellite puppy mills that have hired top handlers to show dogs. Thanks to TheDogPress, HVB-Hunte is no longer a secret. In fact, you can be a big-time puppy mill and still be “respected” in the AKC show world, abusing your breeding stock while handling for AKC-connected clients as in the Big Bad Wolf (below).


If this sounds like preemptive pushing of the panic button, you are living in some other world, one where there are no bad dreams, no Nightmares (below), and soon to be no quality purebreds. EST 2002 © Mar 2009U2402

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Favored handler-breeder, AKC inspected puppy mill shut down.

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Parading with dead pets, they kill the pets you protect!b>


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