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Lyssin after rabies shot - My 13 year old, 8 lb. Maltese, Lexy, has had a Grade 2 heart murmur for several years. She received her rabies shot 6 weeks ago and this week experienced 2 fainting episodes after severe coughing. I rushed her to the vet who examined her and determined that her hear murmur was now a Grade 5! He put her on Vetmedin 1.25 – 1 tablet in the morning and ? Tablet in the evening. I could not understand how her heart murmur had gone from Grade 2 to 5 in such a short time so I began research on the internet. I found that this is a definite result of the rabies vaccine. My research also led me to Lyssin. Do you think it would be worth giving Lyssin a try for Lexy? Is there any chance that by doing so the effect on her heart murmur might be reversed. I am killing myself for not knowing the danger of the rabies vaccine for a dog with heart issues. I had already stopped all other vaccines for my dogs about 5 years ago. If you think it is worth a try, please, please let me know where I can get it and what the dose should be. I am feeling so guilty. Waiting anxiously for your response. JoAnn Rozwood Hamburg NY (716) 796-3399

Reference: Rabies Fiasco Remedy ~ Editor's comment: we would ALL appreciate feedback on this.



More Vaccination Complications - Recently my girlfriend and I took our dog "Denver" into the vet for a rabies vaccine and to get his toenails trimmed. Approximately 2 to 3 weeks later we needed to return to the vet due to complications apparently caused by the vaccines. We were told the Denver now has IMHA and ITP. These are diseases where Denver's body is attacking itself. After doing further research my girlfriend and I learned these diseases are commonly caused by the rabies and distemper vaccine. Denver has been a completely healthy dog for the last 3 1/2 years that we have owned him. He is part of our family. At this point we have spent thousands of dollars over the last week on several medications trying to get his red blood cells back up so he does not need a blood transfusion. At this time Denver's prognosis is at best 50-50.

     My question to you: Is there any liability on the manufacture of these vaccines? Or the vet that recommended them? Or the city that requires them? We have spent thousands over the last week and it appears it will be thousands over the next few weeks that may not even work. Please we need your help. Aaron Lyon  

~ Editor's comment: Would an attorney please step forward???? email Aaron directly!


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2 serious rabies shot reactions, dog bites, disabled dog breeders, Lyssin-heart question, Akita info needed, her last circus.

Bit By A Dog: I've been dealing with a lot,  I met with a breeder I found online, her name, Deanna Ohly, aka:Diana, aka:Eva.  She brought her dog to my home after we met and spent time with the dog at the dog training class in Balboa Park, with my kids. I want to believe she had no idea that when she got up in the morning that her dog was going to attack me.

     The incident happened when her dog "Melody" was at my house for a couple hours.  She and I were standing in my yard when her dog attacked me. I never saw the dog coming at me. I ran into my house going through the kitchen, blood was spraying everywhere and my hands were shaking.  I ran to the bathroom to look for gauze or something to hold my face where it had been torn all around my mouth area.  Deanna came in after me and said "OH My God!" When she looked at me she stated "I think I'll need to put the dog down and I'm going to be sick."

     I told her I'm sorry I have to go immediately to the emergency room but because they didn't have a plastic surgeon on staff they ambulanced me to another hospital.  I received 15 stitches where the dog tore my mouth and face in five places. Deanna Ohly has never offered any help, other than in the beginning, offered me a free puppy.

     This happen May 2014, and I have yet to catch up to her, I'm not mad at her and I understand this was a horrible accident. I don't think for one moment she planned what happened and I guess it would be hard for her to admit it happened, and now she is worried about contacting me. I just wish she would own up to what happened and take care of the medical bills.  If anyone is friends with Deanna Ohly or knows where she's judging, all I need is her insurance information, to help take care of me, I have very deep scares on my face that have healed but until I get the information, I can't get plastic surgery to fix it correctly and will have to wear that horrible day forever until then. Please I don't know what else to do. Thank you Pamela Kirkendall (editor's note: check the Dog-e-Book listings or google her name and pit bull.)

Disabled Dog Breeders - Hello. The article is good, and I'm afraid the problem is more common than most people think it is in today's world. One organization that is ACTING is Take The Lead. It is funded only by dog people and has helped hundreds if not thousands of dog people in the last decade or so. It is truly a life saver.... from paying for medicines to basic needs such as paying tax bills and mortgage payments, Take The Lead realty does perform acts of kindness and mercy every day. Do an article on them so dog people will know a source of help. Barbara And Jones  Reference: Disabled Dog Breeders

Akita Information Needed - Hello, I want to show my Akita, and I have read your article on the Akita multiple times, almost making a check list of what he has. But I have a question... You said an Akita shouldn't be “high in the rear”, what does that mean exactly? That the rear shouldn't be higher than the shoulders? I know the rear shouldn't be low, like a German Shepherd.  Breanna Wood

editor's note: see  Judging The Akita - Part 1  and  Judging The Akita - Part 2

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Judging - I am new to dog showing and wonder about how a judge becomes a judge. Are they licensed? Do they take a knowledge test on a particular breed? How do they qualify to judge best in show? Any information you can provide would be great. Thank you! Julie

See: AKC Info on becoming a judge and Education Index

The circus - It was a family event when I was a child ... and only natural for our family to enjoy the tradition which continued with my grandchildren. When we realized that the elephants were no more to be part of the circus, I was determined to take my last grandchild. I forever have a Kodak memory of her eating her popcorn one piece at the time, watching the elephants in amazement. She exclaimed how big they were. She already knew that one time at the circus, I was hoisted up on an elephant and allowed to sit right behind his head - a thrill that I have not forgotten over 65 years later.

     Tears came into my eyes watching the elephants and seeing the excitement she expressed, realizing that my granddaughter may be one of a few children that will have any memory of a relatively close up view of a real elephant or any other wild animal perhaps.

     We were welcomed to the circus entrance by 6 young women shouting, "Welcome the greatest show of abuse on earth"! Though I never saw any abuse, I did think how much this was an entire movement against humanity; eating vegan, no life-saving research, not using animals of which 95 percent are rats, no pets, no farming and essentially they are draining the economy on any animal related industry by the constant marching of those who are involved in the movement toward animal's rights.

     Loss of jobs in all those industries ... yet many of our government officials think the animal rights movement is about protection of humans and animals, though it is the movement against humans ... should be shedding tears not realizing this movement really not have a leg to stand on when exposed. To many it truly is the movement against humanity. There lurks inherent danger to all humans who work with any animals or "own" any animal. If one makes money from the use of an animal, it seems they (the animal rights people) particularly do not like it. Perhaps being not for capitalism is a hint.

     They came for our food, and to halt lifesaving research but first they came for fur and wool and silk, those things that animals provide, then our pets, our protein we eat, and using feathers in hats.

     There has been only one person in history * who developed animal laws, and vegetarian laws and who with the help of Charles Darwin's sons became very fond of eugenics which history likes to forget even though it resulted in millions of human deaths - and then there are those who call a circus, "abuse"? ~ I.A. Sawyer

Reference: Circus Killed By ARs  ~ Editor's comment: * that person was Hitler.

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