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K-9 Officer Broken By Covid

What happened to this police dog handler is criminal!


AKC Juniors, Coronavirus, Unsubscribed

Dog owners and subscribers share information and knowledge on Barn Hunts, Dog Rape and more...


Horses Reign On Biden Border

Horse patrols can handle the border so back off and worry about your city!



Biker Dog, Xylitol, Devolving

1950's Biker Dog, Pepto-Bismol has Xylitol, Knuckling Over, and two readers so angry they prove "How Mankind Is Devolving".


Dog Bite, Rabies Reactions, End Of Circus

plus disabled dog breeders, Lyssin-heart question, Akita info needed, her last circus.



Extreme purebreds, litter size, castration, mandatory chipping, Pet Peeves and Cressie.


Umbilical, Probiotics, Gr.Ch, Judge

... dog food, grapes, and an astute observation on cancer-vaccines-life span!


Judges, Barked, Register

Judge Suspended, Intimidated Judge, Debarking, Corgis, and Legislation.


Ticks, CDC, Free Adoption Fees

Toy Dog Teeth, Human/Animal Rights, Symbiotic Relations, and Grapes.


Weapons, Euthanasia, Sex

Sexual abuse, dog food killer-drug, biological weapons, poison grapes.


Parent Club, Kidney Failure, Lyme

Save The Sport, Dog Show Illusions, Vaccine Reaction, Readers In Finland.


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