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Save The Sport, Parent Club Certification, Kidney Failure, Dog Show Illusions, Lyme Vaccine Reaction, Readers In Finland.

Readers In Finland - We did get the (reprint) permission earlier as well! And I apologize if you did not receive a huge “Thank You” in return. We do this paper on our free time, so sometimes it takes a while to get all correspondence done. I do follow the Dog Press and find many interesting articles there.

     Finnish Dog Breeders Association, was founded in 1993 to look after the rights of pedigree dog breeders in Finland and provide training and information to develop better breeders. Today there is around 2500 members and we are quite active. We work together with many other groups and associations, also the Finnish Kennel Club, and have several owner trainings for members each year, breeder cafes, theme nights, a veterinary advice service as well as a lawyer service and so on.

     We publish a magazine 4 times a year and are active in social media with our own groups, providing a platform for pedigree dog breeders to discuss and share their best tips and tricks. We provide many possibilities each year for low cost health checks and have until now had over 12 000 dogs in our Health Test Nights. This year our theme is “A happy pedigree dog”. It is a campaign pointing out why it is important to support breeding of registered dogs and not buy from puppy mills, also remembering the very important role of a responsible, good dog owner. We also do charity and will have a big event in the fall in our capital city, where all attendance fees go to hypodog training. Unfortunately our web pages and our FB-pages are in Finnish only!

     Thank you kindly for working with us, we appreciate it highly. If you have more articles aimed at breeders you would let us use in out magazine, they will be accepted gladly! ~ Kind Regards from Finland - Anu Hämäläinen

Reference: Umbilical Cord News!

Lyme Vaccine - My 8 year old cavachon was given a lyme vaccine about two weeks ago. She used to play fetch nonstop and was full of energy and now she can barely walk and when she sleeps she breaths so loud it could wake you up. It is like a breathing machine is on next to me.


We brought her to two different vets and now a third and they gave us doxy upon request. Is there anything we should do or know? Does she have a chance to get better? Please help. I am so sad about my little pup. Mark Cimini

Dog Show Illusion: When I first began showing dogs in AKC events, I foolishly thought "isn't this going to be SUCH fun hanging around with other people who love dogs as much as I do!?" I just laugh at how incredibly naive I was. Would it have stopped me from entering the dog show world if someone, ANYONE, would have WARNED me about the shocking politics, the mean spirited/win at ANY costs mentality that permeates the sport?

     Probably not, but I certainly would have proceeded with a great deal more caution. I love my dogs. I love being a truly honest, ethical and caring breeder. I still believe in the importance of showing ones progeny to prove their worth to the breed. I believe in breeding healthy dogs with sound temperaments that match the breed standard.

     I'm disillusioned in the direction AKC is allowing the dog world to sink. I do not enjoy the nasty politics, the questionable judging and the AKC's lack of concern in making our breed clubs accountable for their lack of honesty and integrity. AKC has the power to turn the sport around, but they seem determined to be the unwitting, possibly even unconcerned, master of their own destiny. It is unfortunate that the leadership of AKC cannot see that they are the authors of their own demise, and consequently, the demise of the sport of purebred dogs. The most disappointing thing of all is that none of us that truly love the ideals of purebred dogs seem to be able to slow the train wreck that AKC has set in motion.  Teresa McMahann

Reference: Cancer In The Mastiff Club & Mastiff Club Comments

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Kidney Failure - Caused by vaccines... My dog went in for her yearly visit March 28, 2017 and was vaccinated for Lyme disease and Leptospirosis and then died 3 weeks later.  My dog was a German Shepherd, she was 5 1/2 years old, very active, she love to jump and race with the kids. After the shots, about a week later, she was not eating her dog treats. 2 weeks later she seemed even less active.

     On Friday April 14, 2017 she threw up and only ate a little bit. I called the Veterinarian and explained what was going on, they told me they would give the information to the Doctor and she would get back to me later that day, they never called back.

     Saturday 15th, she started throwing up again and again. I called the Vet that morning, they got back to me in the afternoon (around closing time) but by then she was throwing up everything including her water. The doctor left me some pills in her mailbox with instructions to give her to calm her stomach, she also told me I could bring her in, there's a 24 hour on call Vet.

     By 5:30 AM Sunday the 16th, my dog started crying loudly and couldn’t get up. I called and took her to the emergency vet at 7:30 AM.  By Tuesday the 18th, my dog was in so much pain, her kidneys and liver was failing, that we had to put her to sleep.  The side effects of these vaccines was never stated.  When she started to throw up I started looking up the side effects to the Lyme and Lepto vaccines and was horrified by what I found.  My breed of dog was on the top of the list as being highly susceptible to the side effects of both vaccines.

     I told the Vet what I found and she stated "What happened to your dog was not from the shots" I DISAGREE. I would like to know what actions I can take against the Companies that make these vaccines and the vet who don't notifying the public of the possible consequences and side effects. If the vet had, I would never have let my dog be vaccinated with these vaccines.

  I hope this letter prevents other dogs and owners from going through a PAINFUL and totally UNNECESSARY DEATH and won't experience the terrible pain and heartache my wife, me and the grandchildren felt losing her. Thanks Bruce & Patricia Schuster  Reference: Lepto, Lyme, Rabies Vaccinations

Parent Club Certification - I totally disagree with the PBC/BREEDER OF MERIT article!! I breed my girls at 2 yrs of age or older. I breed once yearly (if that) and only breed a bitch for 3 litters. In a rare instance a special girl might be bred 4 times. As long as my dogs are healthy and well cared for it is NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS and they certainly have no right to come inspect my facility. I don't agree that a dog must be titled to be bred. I do put AKC Championships on all my breeding stock. But... what if I have a very nice animal with an injury that doesn't affect its day to day life, but makes it un-showable? or a dog that hates to be shown?

    We have enough controls in place (USDA and state agencies). The bad kennels just hide away. Thanks to Perdue University, AKC programs and USDA rules, many commercial kennels are showplaces with excellent living conditions for the dog. Exercise areas, stimulating toys and obstacles, limited years of breeding, obedience (at least the very basics), clean runs, size appropriate housing, medical care, good food. If the dog is lacking in nutrition or has health issues it won't breed or produce puppies so it is in the kennels best interest to take care of its animals. I could go on but you get my point. Bonny Bell

Reference: Breed Club Litter Certification

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Parent Club Certification - The article by Sherry Shivley proposing that dog breed parent clubs start their own adjunct registry is provoking and wonderful. I certainly agree that anything that can be done to inhibit the large scale factory farming puppy mills is worth doing. Also anything that can be done to inhibit the sort of "backyard" mini-mills that also take little care of their dogs. (The story of one bitch rescued from such small scale mini-mill can be seen at <>.)

     AKC could do a lot very easily by simply changing registration rules so that no litter could be registered unless both parents had earned a Canine Good Citizen certificate. CGC demonstrates a minimal level of trainability and temperament, plus some modest effort by the owner. The big mills won't do that and the backyarders are unlikely to do it.

     If a parent club starts a registry, I'd suggest making CGC a requirement or a qualifying title. If the breed has a working purpose that is still considered desirable, such as herding, a title relevant to that purpose might be an alternative to CGC or an added qualification. As another alternative, Agility certainly demonstrates trainability and ability to work in partnership to a human being. Moreover Agility is fun, thus it's relatively easy to entice people into trying it (and likely becoming addicted to it).

     An issue Shively doesn't mention but highly relevant is health testing. Every breed has one or more health issues that are seriously harmful to the dog, present in the breed at worrisome incidence level, and that can be tested in potential breeding stock either by direct DNA test or by some other test. Most of these are single gene recessives.

     So if every potential breeding dog is tested prior to breeding and the results made a part of that dog's public record, then all a responsible breeder needs to do is to avoid breeding together two dogs who both carry the same undesirable recessive. Carriers can be bred, but only to dogs who don't share the very same bad recessive. This can enable gradual reduction of the frequency of that bad recessive in the breed over several generations. So I'd propose that the parent club determine which one to three heritable single gene problems are the most serious ones in that breed and find out what is the current gold standard test for carrier status. Note that the current best test is a moving target, because genomic testing is an advancing field.

     For Bouvier, the two most concerning problems would be SubAortic Stenosis and Glaucoma. Currently there is research funded at UC Davis to find the SAS mutation in Bouvs and develop a DNA test for it. There are currently 5 or 6 breeds for which a DNA test for SAS is available at the Veterinary Genetics Lab at UC Davis. Glaucoma is a bit more difficult because it tends to appear mostly in later ages and because there are causes besides genetic ones. Still one might record each dog's status at senior age and one might avoid mating two dogs together who each have a parent or grandparent who was diagnosed with glaucoma. One can also do gonioscopy to determine the "angles" for drainage of intraocular pressure, a risk factor for glaucoma. For some breeds the MDR1 mutation might be a good target. A test for this is available at Washington State U' Vet School, and incidentally the test is not expensive.

     I do see a problem with Shively's proposal for surprise site visits by a club member who is "impartial". Alas, in all clubs there can be enough personality conflicts and partisanship that there are too many cases of very good people who seriously don't like one another. Seeking someone thoroughly accepted as "impartial" in dog clubs can be like seeking impartiality in the U.S. Congress. Also is there true agreement on criteria for a good dog rearing environment? Even after factoring in the character of the particular breed. (And does good housekeeping count ?) And how can a single visit observer assess whether puppies are being adequately socialized. I'd disagree that a location that's difficult to find is a red flag, since a rural location is sometimes a bit difficult to drive to, even with GPS (Maybe 10% of my visitors have trouble following my directions and map.) Is a rural location better or worse than urban? Each has advantages and limitations.

     Frankly my own main question is whether or not the dogs get plenty of house-time and plenty of people-time, plus human led walks. Those are elements conspicuously absent from factory farms and backyard situations. (Granted that sometimes one has to "play musical crates", ie; rotate dogs who don't like one another.) Pam Green

Save Our Sport - I’m not sure why my google search led me to your article on TheDogPress website's Editorials of Dog Breeders Defined, but the more I read the more I wondered. Not so much what happened. Not even why. But, how?

     How is there no type of certification of a class that would satisfy the need for what the AKC considers a niche market? Taking a look at what’s going on after the passage of a few decades has me scratching my head. After learning that litter loading is a ‘thing’ I have to watch out for, I thought that at least by starting out with a breeder who is part of the AKC’s Breeder Of Merit or Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program would separate most of the wheat from the chaff.

     I’m just a little too young to remember much about how it was before the ‘70’s but I do remember about how it was in the early ‘70’s, at least in my family. Our mom has always had dogs of ‘good breeding’ before us kids came along. I don’t know if they were AKC registered. After we became old enough to gain some independence our mom had the time to ‘take on’ a dog. All the dogs she had A.K. (After Kids) were AKC registered. I think she ‘finished’ all of them or darn close to it. The last AKC registered dog she owned, a Shiba Inu named Petey is now in my brother’s care.

     Back in the day, I thought that working for Animal Control (part of the Sheriff’s Department) was for someone who was concerned about animal welfare. Boy was I surprised to find out the truth. The first dog I had as an independent adult was an ‘aggressive’ German Shepherd surrendered to the local Humane Society. After him followed two registered German Shepherds, and a Sheltie. All from local hobby breeders and all AKC registered and of good stock. After that it was cats for me until about seven years ago when we were ‘ready’ and boy let me tell you; I felt like Rumpelstiltskin.

     We now have four rescue dogs and two rescue cats but I’ve already told my wife that our next will be a purebred. Outside of the cattle and the horses and being a member of Fathers Farm Alone for a while and a few other things…that’s what shapes my point of view. Overwhelmingly the general public is confronted by activists whose position is adopt, don’t shop and Big Ag, lobbyists with lots of money from groups like The Cavalry Group right down to the pet shops that sell inventory from puppy mills while talking out of the side of their mouth telling their customer exactly what they need to hear without giving them any easily verifiable specifics letting the customer ‘fill in the blanks’.

     The customer will fill in those blanks with ‘good thoughts’ because it fells…good. Most people who buy or lease a purebred FSS or vanity breeds would tell you that the puppy they got is not from the puppy mill supply chain because that’s what the salesman tells them. Maybe other pet stores support puppy mills – but not theirs. In the meantime, a lot of time and resources are spent finger pointing and mudslinging and next to nothing is done to hold the businesses to task. Most importantly in my opinion is that the customer isn’t provided a ‘responsible’ alternative that meets their needs. At least one that doesn’t require a lot of work on the part of a consumer who is accustomed to instant gratification. I’ve got a couple of ideas on how to help ‘improve’ things. I hope to hear from you. Greg Golas

Reference: Dog Breeders Defined

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