Coronavirus: Way back in the 80's I had a dog get coronavirus. My vet at the time was friends with the man who discovered it. Prior to that people thought it was Parvo. My dog was the guinea pig on how to treat it, IV Tagamet was the biggy!

     People came to my house to visit and someone let them in with my 2 day old litter of puppies. I don't let people visit at that age. As they were leaving they said, "By the way, we dropped our dog off at the vet on the way here..." Their dog died. Only one out of my litter of 6 got sick, it stunted her growth (she was a hair over 19 inches at the shoulder and weighed in at 38 lbs). She was a Boxer! who lived for 15 years one week. Priscilla Clemens Reference: Coronavirus In Dogs and Cats



AKC Approves Juniors: The AKC approved juniors to show dogs in junior classes until 2021, some of these kids turned 19. These are grown-ups showing against these younger kids. This is terrible! Beverly Schwab Reference: Juniors Showing Mixed Breeds and Mixed Breeds In JS



Dog Rape: I was stunned and sickened by the horrible gang rape subjected upon this poor dog in India. I’ll be blunt - I said aloud, WTF!!!  The perpetrators should be gang-raped, have their genitals and guts damaged and destroyed as they did this poor innocent young dog, and placed before the public in shackles to rot in Hell.

     How can we get this to the public for awareness and action if they don’t want to see that it is happening? They don’t even want to hear about it. Our senses are stunned by the image of the poor dog laying there on the table being examined and the atrocities being documented, and with the thoughts of what was done to this poor dog... times like this make me question where was God at this time. It’s sad to think that the perpetrators may never be caught. BUT, with 4 involved it’s got to slip somewhere, somehow. If there is a God in Heaven, there must be justice for this poor dog. Acts like this should never, ever be tolerated, and should be punished to the highest order. This takes bestiality to it’s extreme worst level.

     Castration for those perpetrators is too good for them... On top of all of this, I checked my spelling of bestiality, and a slew of Web sites popped up!! Why the Hell can’t worldwide governments and the police disallow and shut down these sickening sites that only feed into this?  Cindy M. Dorsten Reference: Mankind Devolving as demonstrated in this gruesome dog-rape.



Barn Hunt: Your expert on barn hunt gave a very bad training exercise. Dogs who indicate tubes with rat litter (ie, urine or stool on bedding) will fail. The dog must indicate a live rat. Deb Eldredge Reference: Competing In Barn Hunt


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