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Border Agents Whipped By Press


Is our press controlled by forces that would destroy American democracy and freedom? My military buddies and social experts say “YES!”


October 4, 2022

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


I’ve been on the phone and military net for over 40 hours. I am trained to spot and report problems and my eyes are still sharp. Jerry sent me a link (below) from SNOPES. I think it was the first internet fact-checker, now seems pretty liberal, but it states this…


“Key Facts:


•  There’s no evidence border patrol agents had whips or struck anyone with reins during an incident in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 19, 2021

•  Initial statements by journalists who witnessed the incident referencing “whips” appear to mistake long reins that one agent was swinging at migrants for an actual whip.

•  One border patrol agent did use his horse rein to menace migrants by spinning it in a lasso-like motion.”


The news media deliberately distorted the border coverage to suit their political slant. But Jerry said the thing most damaging to our democracy is the “dumbing down of America” by “woke” teachers and then he added “mainstream media.”


It ain’t mainstream media, it’s an ocean of flotsam.


Randy said “It ain’t mainstream, it’s an ocean of flotsam.” I laughed, thinking my daughter will be out of college soon but she’s learned a lot more than I paid for!


Even the leader of the still-free world is deluded by his press agents… America’s highest ranking military commander, President Biden, is quoted as saying he “…denounced the actions of the border patrol agents.” No commander publicly criticizes his men.


I know times have changed but my bud in Iowa, a retired Lt. Commander, pointed out that our President, who never served, frequently “lays into the military…


I said he’s being fed misinformation. In 2 minutes flat, this press quote from the Colonel bounced into my inbox. (President Biden) stated “U.S. officials announced that the use of horses at the border would be suspended, and that the agents involved would be assigned to administrative duty, pending an investigation.” I mentally saluted. I got it.


It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat, Republican, immigrant or American born, think about what our President just said! He is going to PUNISH federal workers for doing their job!


My service buddies are in an uproar. The President is top of command chain but countermanding a federal order is going over the heads of both military and state leaders. OK, he has that authority but by being so “politically correct” he foolishly insulted every Border Patrol agent.


Those border guys work to protect me and you, just like our Armed Services do. Think about it. They face potential enemies every day. Drug and human smugglers are tough and dangerous as hell. Joe Biden never served a day in the military, something about medical deferments, so it could be that he didn’t realize what he was doing by overriding those who are literally on our “front lines” every day.



The President can countermand any military order, he is our top Commander, but even our top Generals consult on tough stuff. I don’t think that happened here and that’s what we’re peeved about. President Biden sent the “come on in” message again, loud and clear! There’s not a soldier anywhere around the world who isn’t wondering what the hell is going on in the United States!


We protect countries that are hostile to the U.S. We serve people we can’t understand and whose beliefs contradict our own. We just lost men in Afghanistan. I’ll spare you my thoughts on that but here’s the deal.


Soldiers, police, border agents, we are all sworn to uphold the law and protect Americans. When our commander countermands orders, it is confusing. As my Apache bud says, “Keep your ear to the ground” because something is on the move.


Reference Information: Snopes; Border Whipping Photos EST 2002 © Oct 2021





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