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June 2022 letter ~ A medical professional chastises re our COVID vaccination coverage, good points that should be shared.


Ms. Barbara J. Andrews

Editor Netplaces Network Science and Advisory Board


Dear Barbara,


I just read with some astonishment, your not so well hidden views on current covid vaccinations. While I do not support mandatory vaccinations of humans or dogs… I do support the evidence that the covid vaccines provide humans a great deal of protections from serious infections, hospitalizations, and death. Yet in your just released diatribe, you stated, “Why does the CDC say “…since vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing infection, some people who are fully vaccinated will still get COVID-19. We call that a cop-out or cover your butt?


Your comment is completely one sided, and without scientific value so as to be potentially influencing people to choose not to get vaccinated… Lives are indeed on the line here. Given the ability of the most recent variant to spread more easily thru the populations, asking the lay person to evaluate their own risk, is (like) asking them to evaluate their need for surgery. They need it when they need it, but by the time they recognize that fact it is too late to make a meaningful choice. In the case of covid, they would have already likely spread the disease to a number of others, potentially close, at-risk family, by the time they realize they have covid.


And the real problem with covid, you cannot predict who, if they do get covid will have a more serious course of infection. Yes, we know there are high risk groups in general but those are not specific to any individuals. Some 70 yr. olds only get a mild infection, yet some 35 yr olds die from covid. There are a myriad of reasons why, but the bottom line is, no one can know exactly what THEIR risk is should they get covid. They are really rolling the dice should they get covid and not be vaccinated.


Are the covid vaccinations perfect? No. Certainly not. But I don’t recall them being promoted as perfect, merely as the best option we have to prevent infection. As to safety, even if you don’t want to acknowledge, these are probably the most studied vaccines ever produced, and the US science community has been studying RMNA technology for decades. Much is known about it and its safety. 40,000 people in the early clinical trials, millions of doses since then world-wide, 20 years of knowledge about RMNA and yet, somehow, you are expert on the safety of these vaccines? Use your perch wisely. When you write such ridiculous claims about covid, it leaves many of us with doubts about the rest of what you write.


Warmest Regards,

Terry Brumbaugh

Endo Surgical Source, LLC

425 Hope Rd., New Bloomfield, PA 17068


Reference: Tired Of Hearing About COVID?


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