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Is there an inexpensive potentially effective COVID VIRUS treatment that NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information is not disclosing? YES!


November 30, 2021

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member



Why are more medical doctors not speaking out? Who is suppressing information that could save your life? Is COVID intentional mass population reduction? Is this a horror movie on steroids? (hint – answer yes) As an informed animal owner you know your veterinarian’s hands are tied and apparently, your medical doctor is muzzled!


What’s new in fighting COVID 19 isn’t really new. Ivermectin is an effective, gentle animal wormer safely used for decades. Approved for human use in 1987, Merck pharmaceuticals donated ivermectin as Mectizan® to underprivileged countries around the world. Today we must ask has the pharmaceutical industry suppressed the effectiveness of ivermectin in human use and are medical doctors muzzled.


The answer is “not completely.” In late November, TV news featured nationally renowned medical Dr. Brian Tyson who “is exposing the truth about the covid pandemic.” The Fox News commentator asked “How do we know it (ivermectin) is effective?” Dr. Tyson replied (re Covid virus) “… number one, studies have proven that ivermectin works and we've got now over 200 studies that show that it's effective when used in combination…” (with hydroxychloroquine).


Dr. Tyson states “…in my clinic we use Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.” In response to ‘does it work?’ he said “Over 200 studies show that it's effective when used in combination with steroids … doxycycline with Aspirin and we have a hundred percent success with it and Zithromax.


For people who don’t own animals, In Feb. 2011 the National Institute Of Health proclaimed Ivermectin as the “wonder drug from Japan{Ref 1} Dr. Crump explained that it was originally introduced as a veterinary drug that kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals.


As regards humans using ivermectin… we can only state that most vaccines and drugs are tested on animals before being considered safe and effective in humans.


We offer this info from Nat. Institute of Health (NIH): ) “…the random effect model revealed that adding ivermectin led to significant clinical improvement compared to usual therapy…” see {Ref #1}



It appears there is “definitive evidence for repurposing this drug for COVID-19 patients will emerge only in the future” but until such time as your medical doctor feels confident about advising ivermectin, can only provide you with information and advise you to ‘check with your doctor’ before experimenting with any animal product or herbal remedy. Bear in mind however that this is a new, different disease of unknown origin (meaning natural or manmade) and no doctor has a crystal ball.


Digging through medical reports, here is an interesting example of non-sense… Oct 22, 2021 CNN reported “… people vaccinated for COVID-19 had lower death rates than those who were not vaccinated, even when COVID deaths were excluded.{Ref #2} Even experts can sound silly.


The commentator did not mean to imply that the Covid vaccine prolongs life but there is mounting evidence from “multiple studies showing that the COVID-19 vaccines are effective against COVID-19 infection, serious illness, and death.


Only you can decide what might be worth trying. We strongly advise you ‘ask your doctor’ and also do your own research because you probably have more time than he or she does…


Reference Articles and Information:

{#1} Therapeutic potential of ivermectin as add on treatment in COVID-19


{#2} CNN Reports on COVID Vaccine Death Rates EST 2002 © Dec 2021



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