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Police prevent crime but what happened to this police dog handler is criminal! Everyone’s rights are stripped away by these COVID vaccine mandates!


November 16, 2021

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The Massachusetts State Police officer who had his certified K9 dog “Fathom” taken away over his refusal to take the COVID vaccine has been silent but I want you to know his wife spoke out on social media.


She said the state police came to their home and “took his cruiser, gun and K9 dog... My 4 kids are in tears watching their dog being taken away all because their father doesn’t want a vaccine.


I know personally that the so-called spokesman for Massachusetts Police refused to speak in the officer’s defense. Hopefully he will not last long. Geoff Diehl, who I hope will be our next Governor of Massachusetts said it wasn’t the right time for his action but he promised to hire any officer (K-9 division or not!) who left the force or got fired over this vaccine mandate.


Everyone has suffered COVID-19 in one way or another. I know 2 families who crashed under quarantine. My best friend lost her job and a lot of people lost their businesses.


The last thing we need is for a police officer’s family dog to be taken away. We need to do something before they start taking people!!!


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