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Will you need an official pass-card affirming you are COVID-vaccinated before being allowed to shop or eat in a restaurant without wearing a mask?


May 18, 2021

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member


Is this another manifestation of government control? Pete Hegseth, well-respected ex-military commentator, speculated on Fox News Sunday that we may need a card affirming we are fully vaccinated. Protecting the public or overriding our rights and personal preferences? Where is the American spirit and independance that built this country?



If you use credit cards or have a bank account and think your financial information is private, I’ve got some stock in horse-drawn wagons I’ll sell you… Privacy? Your financial and medical history are valuable commodities, in fact they sell for as much as some stocks… With today’s internet, privacy is as outdated as a wringer washing machine!


Stop and think. When you “swipe” your medical insurance or credit card, you give up your right to privacy on both counts. warns “it is likely that your financial records contain personal medical information.” And you can read that the other way around...


The fact is, in order to get into a public facility, one your tax dollars built (!) you could be forced to prove whether or not you took the COVID vaccine. Reluctant to let any personal power get away, health officials are talking about issuing a “vaccine passport.” If you’ve been covid-vaccinated, that sounds good but there’s a glitch or two you should think about.


If you think this is a scary infringement on the Liberty of Americans and we’d never put up with it, look around you. We have already accepted that our children must have proof of vaccinations before they're allowed to go to school. Most parents agree with that but can those who do not still opt out in your state?


Businesses, schools, office buildings, public though they may be, could demand proof of COVID-19 vaccination. It was also pointed out that some states, mostly east and west coast, have not yet lifted the mask mandate.



Mask requirements are a hotly debated issue as well it should be. Texas, known for independence and led by Governor Greg Abbott, lifted the mask mandate in early March. Business boomed. Not only that, the “new cases” rate dropped dramatically! SC Governor Henry McMaster dropped the mask mandate in May with no ill effects (pun intended) and further ordered no mask requirements in SC schools or county offices.


To date, no ill effects reported in states that have dropped the mask mandate.


We still have Constitutional Rights. On that basis many parents have chosen to home-school their children. They do not want their kids “indoctrinated” by people with opposing views on religion and politics. The of-the-moment reason however is the real risk of subjecting children to the barrage of vaccines now required by many schools.


Vaccines are correctly credited with stopping the polio epidemic which in peaked in 1952 with 57,879 cases and 3,145 deaths. That was a “thank God” time if you were a parent whose child remained healthy. When the polio vaccine became available it stopped the crippling/deadly disease.


It also opened the door for vaccine makers to dominate our culture.



Americans can take a lot but if you're coming at my kids with unproven vaccines, especially those that are “made in China” that’s when “thinking” parents get their backs up. Or more accurately, “getting your ruff up” at the barrage of pharmaceuticals being mandated today.


The vaccine discussion has erupted online... How far can the government, which many believe is now controlled by China, go in mandating vaccines? And what else could be in those vaccines?



Has a family member (including your dog) suffered post-vaccination immune system, brain damage, or any other clearly related problems? If so, share with our readers. To be informed is to be protected.


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