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May 2022 Letters ~ Subscribers share knowledge and information on American Humane, Protesting Animal Rights, Canine Alarm System, Ivermectin Option, and Carrying A Concealed Gun.


Open or Concealed Carrying a Gun: The last paragraph about the police in the article about "why carry a gun..." they have NEVER been there to protect us, they have always been there for us to call (911) for the crime that is/was happening. They are not there when I sleep in my van at dog shows or herding trials. They are not there when I pull into rest centers or the gas stations. They try and catch the criminals who have already committed a crime which is why I have a Conceal Carry (CC) permit. My dog alerts me, my gun is to protect us both.

     Both times I was seriously threatened, my dog prevented the attack so no gun was needed, but living in NY at the time, it would have been very difficult to obtain a gun.

     After moving to NC, I learned to shoot, clean and handle guns and then got a CC to make it legal. One instance here in NC, of feeling protected was when I was at a gas station checking the oil in my truck, a man walked over offering to 'help'. When he saw my dog sitting in the drivers seat looking at him, he did an about turn and left. So add a GOOD dog and carry a gun!

     On The Other Hand...I have a Conceal Carry permit and took class twice. I had to know our states laws and how to handle and shoot my weapon correctly.

     That just ANYONE can do CC without instructions and aren't required to have a permit BOTHERS ME. I DO NOT feel safe that some idiot that does not know the law and can't shoot can conceal carry.

     They can always carry their weapon in view, they are not denied a weapon but most couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! They think road signs are fair game and they don't take into consideration what is BEHIND the target they are shooting at. Nope, CC without a permit does not make me feel safer.

     In the 30 years of CC, I never had to use my weapon. My dogs have been my warning and stop force. I would use my CC to back up my dogs.

     The one time my dogs were not with me. A man walked to my vehicle in a parking lot, looking at my door handle, I locked my doors and put my gun in plain sight on my dash board, it stopped him in his tracks and he left. You HAVE to be ready to pull that trigger when needed but not until then. People need instruction and refresher courses to be safe and insure others are safe from them too. Carol Henry Reference: Why Carry A Gun



Ivermectin For Covid: We weren't even given the option. You should have seen the hoops an unvaccinated friend had to jump through to be treated with Ivermectin-ridiculous! From out Facebook Page: Ruth Ann Peterson Reference: Tired Of Hearing About COVID?



Good Alarm System: Get an early warning system. Motion detector lights only tell you something is moving close by. A dog, or many dogs, tell you as soon as a car drives by or enters the driveway. They give you time to get your other protection. From out Facebook Page: Tam Cordingley Reference: Canine Alarm System?



Protest Against Animal Rights: This is a letter of protest of the laws and methods that Animal Control tries to pull on people. I for one have been harnessed by them on a regular basis. I live in San Diego County. After this last go around with them that I had 1 too many dogs but they had come out about a complaint from a disgruntled ex husband that called due to he couldn't get his way with his wife so he started in on me. When the lovely Animal Control officer showed up he explained to me that the American Kennel Club was just a joke and that their inspections for which I have had several over the years meant nothing to them. They did not even recognize them as being qualified to inspect. I wanted to scream at him but I felt my hands are tied. There is so much hatred out there that if someone is successful they want to tear you down. I will no longer allow them on my property without a warrant which I am sure they would try to get. After all as they man said we have a History with them.

     Anytime anyone has a personal complaint against someone they call animal control and tell them how dirty and abused the animals where. Never have I abused, neglected, or kept my place spotless. I am almost to the point of retiring as I have no fight left in me. I think this is a tragic waist of time, money and effort to fight them. They threaten you with seizure and all sorts of things but I keep on trying my best to make the best of the best to shine through my breeds.

     Thank you for allowing me to vent some of my rage about stuff. But I have read every article that you have posted and I just feel like people should just mind there own business. Grace P.



American Humane promotion...why?: First of all, they're following the post George Floyd murder narrative of "everybody in advertising now must be Black" with BOTH kids in the ad flyer guessed it, Black.

     Because we have no other ethnicities in the world, and by promoting 80% + of the population as being Black, that will bring George Floyd back and "correct injustice? It doesn't. It's pandering and it's offensive to all of us of other and mixed races. We are not a racially nor culturally homogenous country, and no amount of targeted advertising is going to change that. In fact, this behavior creates even further division.

     We know this isn't YOU at TheDogPress... it's American Humane, but why give these people a platform? Bringing me to Part 2: American Humane is in bed with AR (Animal Rights), all one needs to see is Doris Day's name listed among its supporters (Remember DDAL?) in addition to the merest digging into their position in order to realize that these people do NOT like nor support breeders or real choices in obtaining animals. Still not sure about that? Here's a verbatim quote directing people looking for animals from their linked page:

     "Adopting from a shelter/rescue, and when choosing small, “nontraditional” animal companions (such as reptiles, small mammals, fish, and amphibians), finding them at an American Humane Certified™ pet provider."

     "Adopt" is AR code for "I bought my pet from a rescue or a pound and not an evil breeder, therefore I am a saint."

     Note this direction on the AH page specifically directs people to only buy animals from AH's approved suppliers, NEVER a responsible, preservation breeder or heaven forbid a pet store which sources their pets from anyone except a pound or rescue supplier.

     We all need to be MUCH more careful of what we support and promote, no matter how cute, fuzzy, and warm it seems on the surface. I am surprised at TheDogPress getting in bed with AR and throwing breeders and customer choice under the bus as that has not been your position historically. Thus I can only think that perhaps you didn't realize what this AH promotion meant and what AH really stands for, and thus offer you benefit of the doubt.

     We are all about choices, not social engineering and steering people towards a political cause or position. Please review this ad and your promotion of American Humane. They are NOT friends of humans or of animals. Regards, Clu Carradine Reference: Be Kind To Animals Week


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