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Canine Alarm System?


High-rise apartment, country estate or suburban convenience, what is the advantage of canine protection over a traditional alarm system?


April 27, 2022

Barbara J. Andrews, SAAB Member


TheDogPress subscribers, whether by choice or by chance, own an average of 3 dogs. Slightly over half of our readers are city dwellers and find it no surprise that the crime rate in urban areas is “74% higher than the average rural rate.” ~ Bureau Of Statistics.



The 2021 U.S. population was 332,915,073. Over half of those people live in cities and nearly a third of them live in “skyscrapers” over a thousand feet tall! This incredible example is in New York City where there are more than 300 skyscrapers, most of which include private dwellings on upper floors. That considerably limits the “big dog” population in such metropolises.


Hong Kong tops us with over 518 skyscrapers but then China has nearly 1.5 billion people. They have far fewer “guard breeds” than Western countries. Actually, China has more “meat dogs” than pet dogs because, yes, they still eat dogs there.


Around the world, small companion breeds vastly outnumber large guard-breed dogs. Although there are no valid statistics on the ratio of “protection breeds” in either country or city, we can logically assume America’s “city dogs” are mostly small breeds and their country counterparts are predominantly large breed dogs.


Certainly it is more troublesome to take a Great Dane out for a walk and potty trip than it is to paper-train a Toy breed dog that takes a thousand steps just following the owner from room to room.


But make no mistake, it is a statistical fact that tiny toy breeds are excellent alarm dogs and a strong deterrent to thieves who would rather steal quietly whether in a metropolitan high-rise or a suburban development.



Thieves can’t be stealthy when there are dogs in the dwelling. Whether the target is a business or home, a thief will go elsewhere if there’s a dog anywhere on the property.


Ditto car thieves. Even an unlocked car is safe if there’s a dog in the vehicle because most dogs will bark at a stranger slinking around the car and the last thing a thief wants is attention.



We are seeing jewelry stores robberies every week on TV. There must be more to that than meets the eye BUT if thieves met a Rottweiler behind the counter, it would be a really exciting show! coverage on The Marvelous Mule brought a flood of amused or thoughtful comments about pasture protectors but in today’s urbanized society most families still prefer a dog.


A diligent dog is the safest deterrent to would-be robbers!


What do YOU see as the advantage of canine protection over a traditional alarm system? Tell us on facebook! EST 2002 © Apr 2022





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