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Best of 2018 Letters

Thought-provoking interest on Biological Weapons, sex and anesthesia risks.


Rimadyl, Lawsuits, Bad Dog Laws

Flying Trot, Anesthesia, Training Advice, Doped Dogs, Grapes, Rimadyl, AKC Helps...


Shar Pei, Crop-Dock, Lawler...

Letters, Breeders Need Help, Shirley Lawler, Shar-Pei Abuse and Raisin Poisoning


Meat Labels, Bad Attitude, Registrations

Swimmer pups, withholding ribbons, Paula Rambo, AKC debacle, Animal Control question.


Wormers, Bloat, and Lyme Disease

Feedback from vet tech, video, saved her dog, poisoning, extraordinary vaccine info!


Terrorism, Seizures, Rawhide

Animal enterprise, swimmer pups, poison, showing a bitch in season, risky rawhide...


Awards, Seasons, An India Dog

Heartbreaking photos, bee sting treatment, wolf seasons, WKC misses, Jefferson Award.


Lyme, Names, and Disputes

AKC name change policy, No Mixed Breeds in Agility, Sheriff Arpaio had you spitting mad!


Breed Standards, Measles, Muslims

Readers question Beliefs, Grapes, Rimadyl, Measles VACCINE passed on! Swiss Vet on crop-dock.


2-Day Shows, China and Cropping

China Labels, Animal Rights, PETA billboard, SPCA, Allergies, Spay and Neuter.


Honey, Muslim, Stud Book

Animal Rights Unmasked, integrity, suspended breeder registers litter (!), dog club survival.


Molested, Bee Propolis, Shame

Unique health aid, McCartney's arrest set off a flood of praise (and criticism) on our coverage.


Pet Insurance, Silky Terriers

Gladstone fan, Dog Show Crud, reader slams us but Blame Game truth brings praise.


Readers On Who Judges Dogs

Judges on INCESTUOUS system controlled by AKC Reps who were professional handlers...


People Protection, Dog Show Crud

The law, Handlers, Ethical Show Breeders, HSUS Reign Of Terror, etc.


Canine Partners, Raspberry, Rabies

plus genetics, cropping, raspberry tea leaves, swimmer puppies, rabies shots, co-ownerships...


Handlers, Cropping, Perverts

Pros win, judging, pervert at shows, USA-Canada border closed to hobby breeders.


Antibiotic, Best Friends, Rabies

First-hand shelter scams, PETA & HSUS in Australia, AKC Reps, eating dogs, and Sanctuary?


Purebred Breeders, Cryptorchids

WKC commercials, this editor red-faced over Purebred Breeders site expose, and more.


Toxic Advice, Lyme, Inspector

AKC finances, Breeders Defined, Recertification, AKC vs. Owner Handlers, Economics, and...


Today Show, AKC Slammed, HSUS

TheDogPress readers unloaded on the Today Show's biased coverage of purebred dog breeders.


Judges, Shelters, Inspection

Judges panel, Today Show outrage, breeder image, AKC inspection, moral superiority.


HAARP, TUBA, Puppy Mills

Letters sizzle! Shelters, AKC Catalog Information, TUBA, Ron Williams and handlers.


Survive, Co-Owner, Raided!

Breeder Survival, Swimmer pup, USDA-APHIS, co-ownership, corn,  behavior, clubs...


Delta, WKC, Shelters, Judging

Handler benched, Dane therapy, Man or Dog, Fading Puppy, Dumping Dogs, Perry & Santorum.


Distemper, AKC, Microchips

Point scale, diatomaceous earth, lab dogs, AKC not promoting purebreds, animals stolen...


Williams, Inspect, DNA, Rules

Legal Issues, AKC handler follow-up, Inspections, Crop & Dock from a reader-Veterinarian.


Grapes, Kuvasz Fraud

plus CKC & AKC registration protocol and distasteful Westminster Dog Show commercials.


Dalmatian, WKC, Pedigree

Westminster Dog Show, Pedigree ads, judges, rattlesnakes, shelter scandal, Dalmatians...


Backbone, Xylazine kills, Pooh Dogs

dogs killed in simple surgery, animal welfare, judges, backbone, new breed, more...


Judges Panel, Contracts, Plight of Pitbull

plus therapy dog seized, judging one dog, Vics' article, praise for Press...


Pet Shops, UKC, Grapes

veterinary info on poison grapes, judges feedback, Herendeen, AKC vs UKC shows.


Grooming, Vets, Grapes

Hale Horrified, Special (clubs) Treatment, Dr. Blake on Vaccines, Dachshund owner...


Handler, Fading, Gov. Perry Politics

Benched, Dane Therapy, Man or Dog, Fading Puppy, Dumping Dogs, and Perry kills Coyotes.


Castration, Dane Tragedy

Readers on Reproduction, Barbara's novel spay alternative, you speak out on Dane Tragedy!


Vaccine, Grand Champions, Wild

Crooked dog clubs, AKC judges, judging ethics, and the Mary Wild case prove...


PRIME Registry - $Dog$

PRIME, Good Things, Rough On AKC, Impropriety, Big Money, and Withholding.


Judges, Breeders, Merle

Judges' Approval, Nails, Shelters, Puppy Mills, Uno, Vizsla, Frenchies, Lotta Chien...


Mastiff Breeder, Dog Food

HSUS, Breeders, Handlers, Judges, Measuring a dog, Dog Food, the BBC and dogs.


Shows, Judges, HSUS

New Registration Service, corruption, Judge Ted Paul testifies for HSUS bill and more...


Dog Food, Wild, Handlers

You must read Reggie! Mary Wild, Breeder Vets, Judges, Big pharma, Suspension, etc..


Rights, Judge Paul, Shelter

Gina backlash, human rights, Attorney on Shelters, Sheltie Rescue takes exception..


AR Nightmare, Legal Rights

USDA broker, keep video camera handy, credibility, non-profit competing with tax payers.


Whippets, Sheriff, Probiotics

plus Sheriff Joe, Press Roses, and more info on probiotics from informed reader.


Judges, Herbs, Poll

Judge competence, Dog Clubs, Dog Breeds, Dog Shows, Interview and anything Doggy!


Lanting, McVet, Nupro

Readers and clubs on Show reports, Judges, Legislation, AKC, UKC, and NCA.


Registration, HS Buyout

Letters from Judges, Exhibitors, Breeders about Dog Clubs, Dog Breeds, Dog Shows... EST 2002 Oct 2110


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