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May 2019 ~ 1950's Biker Dog, Pepto-Bismol has Xylitol, Walkin' Pets, Mad About Winston Churchill & How Mankind Is Devolving


Biker Dog too! I don’t ever respond to these but this one I will. I was 19 years old in Arkansas in the 1950s when I got a basket of parts and the frame of a Harley 45 brought to me by my then WWII vet boyfriend, who later became my husband. He gave me the book that came with the bike and said if I fixed it and it ran, it was mine. I had learned to ride his 61 Harley but it was just too big for me at 5'1" and 110.

     Needless to say I overhauled the bike and it ran great and as soon as I started riding it my little 8 lb. black and white Fox Terrier decided to jumped up on the saddle bag around my waist and anchored his little behind between my legs and from that moment on was always ready to go!

     We got tossed off at least once but he was right back on as soon as I got the bike up. I was the only girl in Arkansas who rode a motorcycle alone and the only one who had a dog as a co-pilot most of the time. He nearly went everywhere the bike went and you didn’t get near it when I had to get off and leave him with it. No lead, he was tied with love. Soooo... this guy wasn’t the first, he wasn’t even born when I did it the 1950’s. Just had to let you know. (Reference: Carolina Biker Dog VIDEO)

Dr. Mary Belle Adelman - President GSDCWKY, AKC Judge: conformation, herding, tracking, and obedience

Pepto-Bismol contains Xylitol: I personally purchased a bottle of Pepto intending to use for my dogs, but reading the label it definitely listed Xylitol as an ingredient. Please be aware! I noted in checking just now several websites stating it was not added, but the bottle in my hand has it clearly printed on the label! Sherri Halvorson, Adhonay's Labradoodles  Reference: Xylitol Poisoning In Dogs

Walkin' Pets: New product for "Front Paw Knuckling". A temporary training tool to improve your pet’s front paw placement... Enhance proprioception and provide training support for dogs who drag their front paws. It is perfect for rehabilitative use in pets recovering from spinal surgery or suffering from disc disease. This tool is designed to help retrain dogs to pick up their front feet, encourage proper gait, and improve strength in the affected limbs.  The Walkin' Front No-Knuckling Training Sock can accommodate pets from 10 lbs. to over 100 lbs.

Churchill: Reprehensible - Your misstatements and animosity towards Muslims is what is wrong with our country. America was built on tolerance, compassion and welcoming all backgrounds, religions, and races. Dog sports thrive on the same. Shame on you. Hopefully, the dog showing community will disassociate from your publication and its supporters/investors. There is no room for this kind of lies and lack of understanding of this country, its ideals and its Constitution. Again, shame on you, and shame for bringing your intolerance into the dog sport’s arena. Regena Sanders

     Editor's Note: Hello Regena, I'm sorry you feel that way but we appreciate your input. It would have helped me understand if you cited a misstatement or inaccuracy but I understand the emotion. We will add you to the Letters To Editor so that others can comment.

More on Churchill: Will never read your racist rag again, your article in Churchill was reprehensible. You are just spreading the hate and I will tell everyone I know to unsubscribe. How is this related to the dog fancy? You are disgusting. Sheryl Gaines Reference: Winston Churchill On Islam-ISIS

     Editor's Note: Sheryl you are the second person to complain about the article. You must have missed the link on how the Prime Minister loved dogs. Winston Churchill Dog Lover. We thought "dog people" would find that interesting and so far this morning over 22 people have thanked us.

Mankind Devolving: I've always read your articles w/ interest and eagerness to learn - But your article was so distasteful it caused me pain, and brought me to tears. Unfortunately, I'll never think of you, Ann Hearn, or your articles' content ever again without a sense of repulsion. I could have gone a Lifetime and never known the details of this story! Polly Cooper Reference: Mankind Devolving To Torture Dogs, Ann Hearn Obituary, Ann Hearn Interview


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