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Nickles, Military, HSUS, Rights, Obama Diet

June 2009


Dorothy Nickles: Dorothy Nickles died peacefully in her sleep at 1 p.m. Tuesday in Ft. Worth, Texas. She had double pneumonia (both lungs), a poor prognosis someone half her age.  Earlier on Tuesday, Joe McGinnis (ShowSight) who loves her like a mother, said "she is resting comfortably in Hospice" but asked that we pray that “she will return to health because we cannot fathom life without her.”  Amen.  Dog shows will be different.


Muzzle The Military: Catch-A-Dream Foundation provides hunting and fishing trips to children with life-threatening illnesses.  Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube, a highly decorated U.S. Army Green Beret who was severely injured with little chance for survival, was scheduled to give an inspirational speech at their annual banquet/fundraiser.  Then Obama made a policy that NO U.S. SERVICEMAN CAN SPEAK AT ANY FAITH-BASED PUBLIC EVENTS ANYMORE.  Greg’s speaking event had to be cancelled.  Their spokesperson says “Didn't know if anyone else was aware of this new policy.  Wonder what kind of news we all will receive next?  5/09 Source: Sandy Hahn &


editor's note: Several readers have said this is untrue, an "irresponsible" slur on President Obama, etc.  We are guilty of not verifying this with Catch A Dream but so far, they have not refuted the story.  We apologize to Obama supporters and if anyone can provide a link to or copy of any military document that clarifies the government's current policy re active service people speaking at faith, political, or fund raising events, we would be grateful.  In the meantime, well, we sent thousands of readers to learn about an organization doing wonderful work for children.  We hope you will support that.


Animal Control Payoff: HSUS worked with Sen. Davis to introduce this legislation after dogs were seized from a breeder in Wayne County.  For his assistance with the raid, Wayne County animal control director, Justin Scally, was rewarded by HSUS with a job within their organization. Scally will relocate to Gaithersburg MD to oversee a newly created HSUS task force. Susan Wolf &


Animal Rights Leaders in Government? President Obama made campaign promise to close Gitmo on grounds we violated the civil rights (huh?) of terrorist prisoners but so far, every country has refused to accept them.  So we are paying Bermuda $200,000,000 to take a handful of the Asian Muslim terrorists.  And to make sure we don’t violate the Civil Rights of enemy combatants, we've come up with a plan that rivals the AR plan for risk and unnecessary expense to American Citizens.  We must read them their Rights.  “Mirandize” them right on the battlefield.  6/09 Source: Jade & Congressman: Soldiers 'Mirandize' Enemy Fighters


3 Frightening Ironies within the three simple sentences of this Chico Enterprise-Record letter to the editor: “Today when I paid for my child’s lunch at school, I asked about the food that was being served.  The lunch lady explained that all the canned food is from China because it is really cheap.  She showed me the cans and verified the truth.”

IRONY #1: Farmers in (CA) “the most productive agricultural region the world has ever known” cannot supply their kid’s lunches.


IRONY #2: To buy food from China, the U.S has borrowed over $2 trillion from China (with which China is buying U.S. hard assets like real estate)


IRONY #3: The pollution we have eliminated here in the United States by chasing our agriculture and industry away is coming back to us on the trade winds from China! 6/09 Source: Michael Olson


Legislative Successes: The AKC Government Relations Department is working hard with local federations, dog clubs, and concerned owners to protect the rights of dog owners, and there continue to be victories for responsible breeders and fanciers across the country. Read about the successes since April 2009. Visit the 2009 Legislative Successes site to view a complete list of all 2009 successes around the country.  6/09 Source: Tam Cordingley & AKC Taking Command


16% HSUS CAMPAIGN: In nationwide campaign by HSUS to pass restrictive legislation on dog breeders… HSUS bills have been introduced in 32 states; 18 have died, 9 are still pending, and only 5 passed.  Perhaps all is not lost.  6/09 Source: Susan Wolf &


AR & Retail Cost: Ohio State University economist says the HSUS plans a referendum in 2010 that will impact the Ohio laying hen industry and its 27 million birds.  “Socially acceptable production practices for animal welfare ultimately rest on the public's values and attitudes and not just on science. Such values range from indifferent observers to animal rightists who object to animal confinement and would end use of animals as sources of food, clothing (leather), fiber, draft-power, or companionship (pets).” He proposes “to label animal products by production practices. Preferred animal welfare practices may be more costly to producers, but consumers can “vote” their preferences with dollars in the market.”  How will you vote?  6/09 Source:


The Obama Diet: Enjoy eating fatty and unhealthy foods from time to time?  Well stock up while you can because the Obama diet is coming your way very soon. …Fatties will weigh down the Universal Health Care coming our way. More fatties, more cost -- can't have that, so how does he solve it? By forcing you to eat what he wants. 5/09 Source: Shirley Lawler & EST 2002 © 0906,HSUS,Gitmo,AKC,China,ARcost,ObamaDiet.asp


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