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Michael Vick, dog fighting, swine flu vaccine, photos, Helmsley, HSUS, estate, flu, fleas, EPA, flea control


Michael Vick

Served 18 months for dog fighting and upon his release he’s signed on a two-year deal by the Philadelphia Eagles.  “Dog Fighting” is the crime he was charged with but those who saw the horrific photos and video know it was animal cruelty of the worst sort.  Despite what we’re hearing about the government and states cracking down on animal cruelty, Vick served only 18 months for countless counts of killing dogs!  He served 2 months in-home confinement and is on probation for three years but he got a suspended sentence in state court.  Many sports fans think he should have received a full ten years and are sickened that he will again become a “role model” for youngsters.


Most are not buying his “apology.”   Well, maybe some are.  He is said to have made a deal with HSUS’ Wayne Pacelle, who met with Vick in Federal prison in Kansas.  Pacelle contends the bloody sport of dog fighting is a "culturally complex problem", especially among black urban teens and that Vick's voice could become a valuable asset.  Many of our readers view that as comparable to inviting serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer to teach a cooking course!  To the uninformed sport’s fan, it probably sounds like a great idea and we all know HSUS will use any means to gain public attention and donations.  So will PETA, which charges he is sick and needs a brain scan!


Speaking of HSUS, it is fighting over Leona Helmsley’s millions like a pack of scrapping curs.  In addition to naming her dog Trouble as a beneficiary, Helmsley specified in her will that her multi-billion dollar estate go to dog-related charities.  That set off a vicious scuffle between animal rights groups, led by the largest and most powerful, HSUS.  Her estate challenged in court and despite her dying wishes, over $75 billion went to human medical charities and only $1 million to dogs following the ruling that her Trustees had sole authority in deciding. Click for previous coverage PETA and HSUS Scramble For Helmsley's $8-Billion Estate Going To The Dogs



Golden Retriever, Airedale, Miniature Schnauzer, French Bulldog and Boston Terrier head studies and full body profile shots preferred and may be selected to represent the breed in a new section for TheDogPlace.  Don’t worry about cluttered or “show photo” background, it can be removed by our art department.  Good action shots depicting what the breed does or its personality are especially desirable.  Programmers prefer to receive them as jpg attachments but can manage whatever is convenient for you.


Photos will only be accepted from the owner of the photo.  Please include your name, kennel name, dog’s call name and registered name with appropriate titles if any.  Permission to publish is automatic upon submission.  Click to email photo:


Flu Fright

Spreads as the fear of Avian flu subsides and our government gears up to test the H1N1 swine flu vaccine on children despite concerns over the adjuvant!  There is even speculation that the elderly, said to be most at risk, will be required to submit to the hastily produced, untested vaccine.  As though that weren’t enough to worry the vaccine-savvy, there is even an uproar over the new “dog flu” vaccine.  Said to have taken 5 years to mutate from horses to dogs, Dr. Edward Dubovi, Cornell University, is quoted as stating another mutation may be in the offing and it could be “a very serious issue.”  It has been reported in about thirty states but it very mild.


Nonetheless, the USDA approved a brand new vaccine to prevent your dog from catching the flu.  This despite questions raised over the necessity and efficacy of the long list of canine vaccines.  Relenting to the pressure from outspoken professionals, in 2006 the AVMA released a list of “core” and non-core vaccines.  The pendulum seems to have swung three years later on the axis of the Florida greyhound tracks outbreak.  Dog flu is said to be a problem only in confined groups of dogs such as boarding and large private kennels and of course, animal shelters.


Flea Control Warning

According to the EPA website, “Adverse reactions reported range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures and, in some cases, death of the pet” but the Environmental Protection Agency has not recalled any of the “spot” flea and tick treatments.  There have been complaints but EPA says the “majority of reports to EPA are related to flea and tick treatments with EPA-registered spot-on products.”  That should put our minds at ease, knowing such products are being watched by EPA.  My advice, feed right (including human-grade garlic powder and brewer’s yeast), make sure dogs get plenty of exercise and regular grooming and there’s rarely a need for flea treatment to the dog.  If you treat the premises, be very careful and keep dogs away until there’s been a good rain.

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