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Pet Store, Air Shipping, Military Reunions

January 2012


Please comment to the Editor on breeder vs. pet shop and shelter sales, and give us your best advice on air shipping.


Military Reunions With Dogs: Popular judge Beverly Vics sent this video with the message “This will put a smile on your face, and if tears come to your eyes, that is fine!!”  Beverly was right so you can thank her for 4 good minutes when you see her at the shows.


No More Pet Shop In Mall: Sydney Morgan, sent this RapidCityJournal/pet-policy clipping about Rushmore Mall in Rapid City, SD.  The Fish Here Pet Center was notified that their lease would not be renewed due to a new policy “designed to prevent the sale of puppies purchased from puppy mills.”  Kim Christopher, in the mall for 33 years, said his store has never sold puppies purchased from breeders or mills but how would he know where each puppy comes from?  He is quoted as stating “All of our puppies come from families in the Rapid City area" and that he keeps all puppies until they are sold.  While that may be true, it leaves one assuming he doesn’t take puppies that might grow very large.  This story was first reported in October by PETA.  Are the mall owners animal rights advocates?  The mall marketing manager said "Macerich has instituted a well-considered pet policy and will no longer allow the sale of live animals at our shopping centers".


Inbound international shipments of dogs consigned to shelters!We have learned today that LAX keeps a staff of vets on call to handle inbound international shipments of dogs consigned to shelters!  PETA’s psychological war designed to force families to “adopt from a shelter” and not “kill a dog” appears to be working.  Which is better – to adopt a high-risk shelter dog or buy a purebred from a pet shop?  Respond below.


Bomb Sniffing Dogs Die At Houston Airport: 14 military dogs en route to Afghanistan were placed in an unventilated sealed truck December 21, 2010.  Houston lawyers for the dogs’ owners, American Canine Detection Services in Florida, filed a lawsuit against Indian Creek Enterprises, DBA Animal Port Houston and also as Live Animal Transportation Services seeking over $1,000,000 in damages.


When your beloved dog is unable to make a booked connection, it goes to an “overnight in a boarding facility.” The military dogs were sent Animal Port Houston.  When the owner’s agent checked on the dogs the next morning, they were found in an unattended box truck with the motor running.  All 14 dogs were dead but there was gruesome evidence that they had tried desperately to escape from their crates.


Did you know that most airlines subcontract freight and baggage to other companies?  When you use a live animal shipper to deal with a company contracted by the airlines, you are in a three-party contract and the risks accelerate.  One staff member said it is always best to fly on the same plane with your dog in cargo, or if the dog is small enough, book an in-cabin ticket.  Another said to suggest new owners book a RT flight, come meet you and the dogs, and fly back with their puppy in cabin.


Share your ideas or experience on Shipping Dogs. What’s your “peace of mind” solution for shipping?  And what do you think about the thorny issue of today's breeders forced to compete with Pet Shops and Shelters selling purebreds?  What’s best for a family (and in the long run for the dog they keep) - buying a dog at the pet shop or from a shelter?  You really brave readers can tackle the issue of why a good family would do either instead of buying a well bred purebred from a breeder.

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