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Readers report health certificate forgeries, dog shot by neighbor, AKC fails to suspend on forgery and fraud, and legendary breeder on lost dogs.


March 2013 | Our readers are the most informed dog people in the world and some are also great reporters!


Health Certificate Forgery Revealed

Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Kevin Settineri of Salisbury NC for nine counts of obtaining property by false pretense, i.e. forging health certificates. His 17 year old daughter has also been charged and released on bond.  The local newspaper reports the puppies were sick.  We thank Stephanie for sending this as a warning to buyers and especially to sellers.  "I hope TheDogPress will pick up this story, as this kennel owner is bad news and the public needs to be aware of him." Stephanie Abel


Pet Shot In Georgia

Feb 2013 | The Peebles' a Chihuahua-Pomeranian called "Monkey" was playing in his unfenced yard with the children when he crossed the street and relieved himself on the neighbor' property. As the children watched, the neighbor shot the little dog with a shotgun.  He was charged with animal cruelty and discharging a firearm in city limits to which he pleaded not-guilty, stating his wife felt threatened by the dog.  The dog owners pleaded guilty to having their dog off-leash.  The case was transferred to state court in Swainsboro, GA and will be heard soon. Reported by Jinny Peebles


AKC Fails To Suspend

I just read your report on Sharon Helstein and have wondered more than once why AKC seems to pick and choose. We have in Shiba's a breeder who has over 60 Shiba's in a home that has kennels for only 20. Over and over AKC has been told that she has no idea who was bred to who and who the puppies are from and in fact who the bitch even is! She has had judges staying at her home for over 4 weeks and then showed and won under them during the same time frame. A bench was called and so far nothing had been done. A person who lived there (Tomi) could confirm all this. She has called to talk to Jack Norton and Wanda ? at Compliance and they refuse to return her calls and do not take them at all! The Shiba breeder has signed someone else's name more then once to AKC papers. The list goes on and on. Animal Control has been at her home at least 2 times as OUR state has a 50 dog limit. Why is this person able to get away with all this? We have been told more then once she has a "friend" at AKC. Is this the case? We just do not understand why one person can be found guilty on just someone's word and yet another where proof has been submitted nothing is done? Laura Perkinson


*Editor's Note: I would advise people who are trying to get AKC to look at this, to send a certified letter to the board of directors and CC compliance. Under New York state law and the bylaws, they are required to respond. We are following another case where there is proof that litters have been falsely registered but the person who has the evidence says she has been told she will have to put up a $500 deposit which will be returned to her if the person is found not guilty. Is this meant to dissuade people from bothering AKC with such "petty", trivial matters? We have studiously avoided reporting such matters or taking AKC to task for the last six months, during which time things have only gotten worse.


We will be reporting full details on a case wherein a breeder of exceedingly ill repute has been found guilty of criminal fraud but to date, AKC has refused to act.


A "Found" Lost Dog

Rottweiler legend Felicia E H Luburich says "The best thing you can do for yourself is to LEAVE THE DOG ALONE. I stopped for a loose dog and tied it to a fence... this is before cell phones, I planned to call the police when I got home. Someone saw me do it, took my license number and reported I had abandoned a dog.


"Another time I found a 3 legged dog on a state hwy in PA.  I picked it up and took the next exit to call the vet whose rabies tag it was wearing. Then another dog appeared and I picked it up: both small. I stopped to ask a person about a phone or if he knew of any missing dogs in the area. He said he thought his mom had lost a dog and drove ahead of me to a nearby house. When I asked them if they had lost a dog they said "maybe". At that I turned to get back in the van and they ran at me, pushed me aside and opened the van and took the dogs. I took off to the local police station. Those creeps had called and said I stole their dogs, the police said it was ILLEGAL for anyone to pick up stray dogs except the local dog catcher. This was in PA.... never known for overall intellectual prowess."


Felicia is right, it isn't just being bitten by a frightened, disoriented dog that you have to take into consideration, there are some very strange people out there!


If you just can't drive on by, here's more good advice on what to do if you find a lost dog, and vital information on how to go about finding your lost dog, by Susan Bulanda EST 2002 © 1303





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