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Beijing, Biker Dog, Foods Compromised, Healthy Herbs

August 2013


Snowden safe - dogs not, biker pitbull photo, dog food supply compromised, garlic for dogs - herbs for liver problems.


Beijing Bulletin: Snowden Safe, Dogs Over 13” Not!

Snowden has now gone to Russia. Maybe he didn’t feel safe in China. Beijing police are enforcing a prohibition on "large and vicious dogs." The ban includes breeds such as golden retrievers, Labradors, and Dalmatians, and any dog taller than 13.7 inches. The law isn't new, but the enforcement of it is, and now cops are raiding homes and seizing the dogs from their owners. The New York Times reports “Big dogs, the police contend, are incompatible with city living. ‘All resistance as well as violence against enforcement will be investigated and dealt with by the police.’”


Dog owners try desperately to keep their pets hidden and those who can afford it have sent their dogs to “farms and kennels outside the city.” Animal rights advocates say the seized dogs will most likely end up being sold for meat. "We wish the police could find a more humane way to deal with this issue," says a spokesperson from Animals Asia.


“Biker” Pitbull Travels Country:

Fred Lanting, All-Breed judge and GSD breeder, sent this interesting dog story headlined “He bikes the country with his great big dog” By Anthony Campbell, Advertiser-Gleam, Guntersville, Alabama


NewsNips from TheDogPress, “Biker” Pitbull Travels Country"Bill Hendrickson passed through Guntersville this week on his travels. The homeless 55-year-old man roams the country with his mountain bike (which has a gas engine to keep him from having to peddle all the time) and a big trailer. He uses the trailer to haul his dog, a chubby 19-year-old pit bull named Whitey.


"Mr. Hendrickson travels the nation on the bike. He saved Whitey from a city in Colorado that has a "shoot on sight" order for pit bulls. "I felt a weight lift off me like a lead jacket once I got back to Alabama," he said.


"He's originally from Columbus, Indiana. Transients like him find the living a little easier in Alabama, he said. People here are more open to letting them camp and are just friendlier than in a lot of other places. "I might just end up staying in Alabama," he said. He was headed for Summiton, north of Birmingham. He spent some time there once before and found it to be an especially friendly town. "The police told me where I could pitch my tent and the chief gave me free reign of the jail to come and go as I pleased to wash up," he said.


"He was camping in Tuscaloosa when the 2011 tornadoes hit. "I saw brick homes near me torn to shreds and I didn't get a drop of rain in my tent," he said. "I guess the Lord was looking out for me."


"The trailer he pulls weighs about 300 pounds when it's completely loaded, including the big dog. He fashioned it from a baby stroller. A large pet crate is strapped to it and serves as Whitey's quarters. "Whitey is too old to walk," he said.


"The weight is rough on trailer tongues and it's snapped a couple of them. The one connecting the trailer and bike now is fashioned from a fence post and he hopes it will last a little longer.


"He bought a motor for the mountain bike off the Internet and it makes traveling much easier. It'll allow the bike to do up to 40 miles an hour. "I made the trip from Scottsboro to Guntersville in about an hour," Mr. Hendrickson said. He stopped and visited the folks at Pet Depot in the Southgate Shopping Center before taking on the big climb up Sand Mountain on Highway 431."


Dog Food Supply Compromised:

Food prices (human) have, as predicted, gone up 15% since April. We can blame part of that on the 2012 drought followed by record-setting rain. Corn prices shot up (drought) followed by higher meat prices, and graze lands were impacted by this year’s flooding. Dog food contains both beef (trimmings) and corn. To further complicate ingredient shortages, other countries are also suffering reduced crop production and increased demand as the ultra-rich are stockpiling large quantities of grain. Egypt and financial worries have people stocking their pantries with emergency survival foods like grain, canned fish and meats, so you are running into overpriced or under-stocked suppliers. People have been known to “get by” on dog food so a wise person would consider having a good supply of fresh-dated dry and canned dog food on hand for their dogs.


Healthy Herbs for Pets or People:

Dog owners know dogs love garlic but did you know garlic has a long history of healing, especially as an antiviral? Crushed or thin-cut garlic cloves generate a sulfur compound called allicin which also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is only found in raw garlic so be sure to add it at the end of cooking in order to tap its medicinal power. Powdered garlic added as a top dressing to dog food is a healthy appetite stimulant.


Ginseng has been proven in clinical studies as a “safe, natural means for preventing acute respiratory illness.” It can be taken in capsule form or prepared as tea by pouring boiling water (1 cup to 1 tsp dried ginseng) and allow to steep as with any other tea. Siberian ginseng is not related to Panax ginseng but has similar immune system boosting properties. Your dogs will find it uninteresting but they will be glad you don’t catch the flu or if you do, you knew how to speed recovery!


Milk Thistle helps bitches deliver their litters and promotes lactation. Just a tiny pinch of the dried herb in her food bowl during the last few weeks will work. It has also been “clinically” tested by thousands of hepatitis C patients who have successfully avoided interferon and other debilitating drugs. Don’t take our word for it, read judge Martin’s column, Milk Thistle, The Herb That Loves Us.

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