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Blood Money, Super Summer, Dog Sports

Summer 2017


Banking on your dog for blood money, super summer fun with your dog, and dog sports that are good for the heart and emotional health.



Did you know that donated blood is part of a billion-dollar business? "I would guess 99% of people don't know that blood is sold," said Ben Bowman, CEO of General Blood, a national for-profit blood brokerage firm in a TV interview conducted in W. Palm Beach FL. Three years ago human blood was going for around $600 per pint on the west coast, slightly less on the eastern seaboard.


The eastern equivalent for canine blood transfusions would be Un. Of Georgia where the cost for canine blood components is “$150 to $300 per unit, and up to $500 for whole blood.” Interestingly, a dog can be safely transfused without the blood being typed or cross-matched and in fact, the blood may even be from a different species. It is not unusual for multiple canine blood transfusions to cost upwards of $1,000.


That's a good reason to have veterinary insurance but be sure it covers blood transfusion. When One Blood (a human blood collection company) was asked what it charges hospitals per pint of donated blood, Pat Michaels, the company spokesperson replied "that's confidential." She said only that the company charges a “reimbursement fee” to cover its costs of collection and processing. A lifted eyebrow prompted her to elaborate "There's a fee but you have to understand that that's the way all blood centers operate."


There is one more thing you should know and consider if someone in your family, including your dog, needs a transfusion. According to the New York Times, Blood Banks increase profits by “separating blood into its components -- red cells, platelets and plasma -- in addition to selling it whole.” Blood Industry officials admit that the process of breaking blood down into different components (meaning combining blood from different donors dramatically "increases the risk of infection, since a transfused patient may get components from a variety of donors."



Winter’s gone. spring is waning and you still haven’t done much to replenish your vitamin D supply and you’re still “working” on that tan. So how do you get sunshine, relaxation, good vibes, and vitamin D all at the same time?


You could ask Goldie Hawn.  She'd say "Take your dog for a walk." Whether you live in the Country, Suburbia or downtown Manhattan, you can find some place pleasant to walk. Get out with your dog and say hello to the neighbors and people you pass on the sidewalk or path. Of course they will want to pet your dog. That's a fringe benefit your dog will enjoy and in the meantime you both will be soaking up vitamin D.


If there's a dog park nearby take advantage of it. There you will meet other dog owners and your dog will relish seeing his own kind and if the breed is suitable, being allowed to meet, greet and even play together. That’s why dog parks are so inviting and invigorating.


It does just as much for you. You're both getting pleasant, relaxing exercise and soaking up vitamin D after a long winter indoors. Sunshine does wonders for the psyche and your overall health. So do yourself and your dog a favor.


In today's world of over-organization, cars, computers, smart-phones and TV, a few minutes spent stretching your legs and enjoying your dog’s joy at your shared activity is a modest investment in return for the health, mood, and relaxation you both derive.



Try something new! Look up local Obedience or Agility classes. Get out and meet new people who share your interest in dogs. You don’t have to have a purebred dog to get involved in heart-healthy (meaning both physically and emotionally) dog sports.


Here are some great new-idea resources to check out. If you like water sports and have a dog you can’t keep out of the pool … Dock Dogs and North America Diving Dogs might interest you. Another heart-healthy fat burner is Flyball… North American Flyball Association and United Flyball League. Got a herding breed or a speedster? We’ve got your ticket - American Herding Breed Association, AKC Herding and American Sighthound Field Association and of course, the AKC Lure Coursing and also United Kennel Club.


If you dog can’t stop sniffing (Bassett or Beagle?) and you’re not into the running and jumping stuff, you and your dog will love American Kennel Club Scent Work or the National Association of Canine Scent Work and again, the United Kennel Club (UKC) is famous for its Using Dogs that put natural skills to work and fun!

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