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New Year Predictions


Fred Lanting sees the future from the perspective of an All-Breeds judge who has seen it all, from oatmeal and immigrants to student debt for dog-owning households.


For the 2019 year, I see our country more rapidly approaching runaway inflation. Prices for things, everyday necessities, seem not to be reflected in the phony government statistics.


For example, out of numerous store-brand oatmeal where I live, the product went up more than 30% from one shopping week to the next! Could be the fact that this brand is made in Canada (which I just discovered when I noticed the price hike), or it may be due to Trump's recent economic moves. But prices of everyday items such as food, toilet paper and dog food have been steadily and greatly rising, as has the cost for almost everything else. We don't buy anything other than necessities, since I have not had a paycheck for 23 years!


Future predictions include:


* Continued choking inflation while retired people and the poor suffer from not having the same increases that union members and politicians have demanded in paychecks;


* Widening divide between those who can afford lunch for school kids, etc. and those who cannot (it's amazing how many in public schools get "free" meals!);


* Trump re-election because the Democrats are proposing even worse Presidential candidates than they accuse the Republicans of having;


* Dog show entries (as a percentage of general population and numbers of breeders) will continue to decline as a result of discouragement in non-professional-handler ranks and rising costs (as well as young people growing abnormal pocket-computer thumbs and the inability to look up at the rest of the world);


* The trend will continue, of young people becoming veterinarians for the money instead of love of animals;


* Growing influence of groups such as PETA because of empty-headed film stars, politicians, and mega-bucks businessmen (who have grown up without a real love for dogs or connections with other animals) outnumbering and outspending dog lovers;


* Relatively faster growth in populations of immigrant Muslims and poor Latinos who do not have the background in loving dogs, threatening to outnumber and/or out vote the rest of us;


* Debt increasing for many categories of people, such as college students who will take most of their lives to pay off student loans.


* Double-income families (both needing to earn wages) will cut percentage of dog-owning households and thus weaken the power of those of us who still have dogs. EST 2002 © 1901





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