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The attack was not witnessed but there is little doubt that the male Akita is responsible for the death of a devoted 69 year old lady who was training him.


December 22, 2017

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


Carol Harris was a volunteer for Akita Advocates, an Akita rescue group in Phoenix, AZ. The Akita is the National Dog of Japan, revered by Emperors and commoner alike. The breed can exceed 100 pounds and is a fearless, dominant breed. Akitas were once used for Japan’s version of “pit fighting” and because of his strength and great courage, for bear hunting. The well-bred Akita is extremely loyal to his family and only tolerates strangers.

The Canine Country Club provides low cost space for rescue dogs and Ms. Harris was working the dog on their grounds. The owner is quoted as saying “It looks like the dog turned on her.” While it is obvious the 6 year old rescue dog attacked her, experienced Akita fanciers point out that the Akita, known as the Royal Dog Of Japan, is a dominant breed and it is likely that what turned into a horrible attack started with his resistance to being dominated by a stranger. We have also been told that the dog was “unpredictable” and “unstable” which was why he was turned into Akita rescue.

There were no witnesses to the tragedy but when the dog was spotted running loose and “covered in blood” police were called. They arrived on the scene about 3 PM. Carol Harris was rushed to the hospital but she could not be saved.

See ABC News video with Ken, her husband of over 50 years, who says she has worked with hundreds of dogs and knew how to handle dogs. And if you would like to donate to Akita Rescue, here is the link Donate - AARTA - Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona EST 2002 © 1712





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