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President Biden’s GSD Dies At 13 Years


If you have lost a beloved pet, you know what President Biden is going through. Politics aside, Joe Biden’s love for his dogs is genuine.


June 28, 2021 - TheDogPress Staff


Politicians have to have a dog. It’s in the playbook, the one we call Rules for Rulers. It is the book President Trump threw out. As a lifelong “high rise dweller” we understand why Donald Trump disregarded the ‘gotta have a dog rule’ and in his honesty, won the heart of most Americans.



President Biden’s love for dogs is equally as honest. His dogs are not for image or ‘Presidential Protocol.’


Champ, at 13 years, was the oldest of the Biden family dogs. According to Wikipedia the average life span for a German Shepherd Dog is “9 to 13 years” but dog fanciers know that 13 years is optimistic for any large breed dog.


Thinking Point: Only in domestic animals is the average lifespan extended by as much as 50%. The lifespan of a wolf is 6 to 8 years although in captivity, a wolf can live up to 15 years. Oddly, the much smaller fox only has a lifespan of 2 to 5 years so size doesn’t seem to be a lifespan factor except in domestic dogs.


And then there’s this: Among all of earth’s land species, the dog has the most variation in size. We stipulate land dwellers because in the ocean, said to be the origin of life, living creatures ranges from plankton (considered an animal, not vegetable!) to tiny shrimp to gigantic whales!


Dog show judges and breeders know “the smaller the breed, the longer the lifespan.” Joe Biden knew the end was near for Champ, if anyone knows “statistics” he does…


Knowing, denying, dreading the inevitable loss is the worst part of owning a dog. EST 2002 © 20S00





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THE “MAJOR” MISTAKE IN THE WHITE HOUSE: Probably the first-ever shelter dog to live in The White House, a German Shepherd Dog adopted by the Bidens should be removed due to aggressive behavior.

GREAT LEADERS ON ANIMALS: Talking politics, I observed that our greatest leaders, including presidents, were dog owners who had multiple pets or farm animals.


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