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Animals are one of the easiest and safest ways of smuggling drugs across U.S. borders which account for the murder of millions of stolen family pets.


Barbara "BJ" Andrews, SAAB Member

December 13, 2023


The horror is that for the drug cartels, dogs are plentiful, work for free, can’t talk and are expendable. Even worse to comprehend, it can involve veterinarians as accomplices who offer to “find good homes” for overburdened owners.


DRUG SMUGGLING DOGS: Liquid herion surgically inserted by a veterinarian, Andres Elorez, in puppies' bellies.


Veterinarian Andres Lopez Elorez raised dogs on a Colombian farm and placed bags of liquid heroin inside the canine’s stomach. He was arrested in Spain and brought to the US to face drug-smuggling charges. Ref #1


In December 2023 USA Today reported on puppies being used “to bring illegal drugs into the U.S” but the fact is that today Border Patrol officials are stressed to the breaking point with illegal aliens swarming in.


Drugs being transported in the stomach of live animals is the last thing on their minds.


DRUG SMUGGLING DOGS: These canine couriers were saved from the liquid herion surgecally inserted in their bellies.


Large dogs are the easiest to use in drug smuggling for obvious reasons (bigger stomachs and less likely to be handled for testing) but small dogs are also used. The illegal drugs, sealed in plastic pouches, are implanted in the stomach. A car full of chattering children and family dogs is often waved on through.


While large animals are used to smuggle larger quantities of illegal drugs, they are seldom “reusable” and they are not as convenient unless transported in large trailers which are more suspect to border officials than a family with kids and dogs.


So here’s the point, if you breed a litter, advertising “free to good home” it may become a horrid death sentence for your puppies. The world is changing and so are people. Be careful who you sell to and pay attention to how they act in your home and with the dogs. How do you protect your pets? Tell us on our facebook page.


Reference Information:

#1 Veterinarian jailed for smuggling drugs in puppies ~ Photos courtesy DEA & DEA NY Field Office EST 2002 © Dec 2023



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Border Patrol dogs and their handlers save American lives but the dogs that guard our Southern border face this new drug death threat every day!


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