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Arizona’s Maricopa County 2022 elections are National news over vote counts which Sheriff Joe kept honest for 24 years and did an amazing thing for dogs.


November 16, 2022

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


First, why does this “local” election make international news? Wikipedia {Ref #1} lists “Maricopa County (AZ) as of the 2020 census had a population of 4,420,568 and is “the fourth-most populous in the United States.” It also has a lot of political demonstrators.



The county with 4th highest population in America can’t correctly count election results? How does this look to our adversaries? Are we DISHONEST or INCOMPETENT? Given the shaky world situation today, every form of American security is top priority and I don’t want to trust our sovereignty to people who can’t even count.


SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO "VOTED" MOST POPULAR YEAR AFTER YEARMy daughter looked up ‘which country has the best voting system’ and the highly regarded Pew research said in November 2022 “When comparing turnout among the voting-age population in recent national elections in 50 countries, the U.S. ranks 31st. covered Maricopa county’s Sheriff Joe in 2014. I had to laugh (and cheer him) for making prisoners wear pink pajamas and then in 2018, made them sleep outdoors to make room for dogs that he moved to the air-conditioned jail cells (see display below).


Still smiling, I spotted where in June of 2014 Newsmax quoted Joe Arpaio as saying the Obama administration is "dumping migrant children at bus stops in this state to ease crowding at detention facilities in Texas."


Pouring more coffee, I wondered why that was an okay solution for President Obama even though they were little kids but it is NOT okay for DeSantis, the Florida governor, to send adult illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts where the billionaires live? Yeah, I know you are thinking “that’s politics for you!



Today is Wednesday and they won’t hold my column any longer but I still can’t find out if the people doing the Arizona recount are the same ones that did the vote count to begin with.


If so, there’s is only one way those votes can come out. The same, right? My buddies are talking about China but when I said they don’t give a hoot about a county election, General Caine said I was wrong. Well, he said some more but I’m on deadline so that is a story for another day…


Reference Information: {1} wikipedia EST 2002 © Nov. 2022





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