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Weiskopf, NYPD Thanks Dogs, Russia To France, Worst Shelter


The worst shelter story, the Paris bomb dog blown up by terrorst - Russia reacts, NYPD transit police dogs, and Bedlington breeder obituary.


November 24, 2015 | TheDogPress Staff


Paris attacks: A seven-year-old female Belgian Shepherd was "blown to pieces" when she was sent into a building to sniff out booby traps where ISIS militants were believed to be hiding after the attack on Paris.  "Diesel", the police dog routed one of the terrorists, a woman, who came out firing AK-47 at police and then detonated her suicide vest.  Diesel was killed in the blast but she saved countless lives by "just doing her job."


Russia’s interior minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev has written to his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve offering to send an Alsatian puppy named Dobrynya to replace Diesel The Russian spokeswoman said "The puppy will be given to in France in solidarity with the French people and the police in the fight against terrorism."


The worst Shelter Story this year!  A disabled veteran's dog disappeared from his San Antonio home only to turn up in the shelter.  And they won't give him back in spite of ample evidence that the dog is his PTSD therapy dog.  He has provided irrefutable evidence but they "shelter" refuse to GIVE him back his dog.  See Fox News video.


Transit Police Dogs: Bill Bratton, NYPD Commissioner thanks Apache the police dog for helping to keep New York City's famous transit system safe. Many of The Westminster Kennel Club dog show crowd arrive at the show through Penn Station at Pennsylvania Ave.  The WKC show is right on top of it. The Commissioner actually rode the train from his office to the Grand Central Terminal to meet with counter-terrorism officers. Photo credit to Robert Miller.


With all that is going on in the world, everyone in urban America must be on alert.  Flights have been diverted and last night Chicago was threatening to erupt over the brutal police killing of a young man.  We are thankful for bomb-sniffing dogs, police dogs, and military dogs, all working to keep us safe.


Peremi Bedlingtons

Bedlington Fancy Loss: On a very sad note, on Monday November 23, 2015, long-time fancier Joan Weiskopf passed away from cancer.


Joan was a talented breeder who often handled her Peremi Bedlingtons.  A tough-as-nails fighter for her breed, she was respected for her honesty and integrity.


Tam Cordingley, one of our most popular writers, and a Smooth Fox Terrier fancier, called to let us know about Joan.  Her comment sums it up for the sport of dogs. "There are fewer and fewer good dog people...  One more top breeder gone is everyone's loss." EST 2002 © 1511





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