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The USDA notice on airline passengers with Service Animals is NOT a ban, it seeks a sensible solution to regulatory abuse by egotistical animal owners.


Some people are taking advantage of Service Animals on public transportation, including air travel. Be warned, informed, and heard by USDA.



Don’t be scammed by spam. Don’t be victimized by lower form humans who seek to profit from the misfortune of others. Think how “low” a person must be to put at risk the hard-won rights of people who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged by seeking your “vote” in order to garner traffic for their site which has no effect on proposed legislation.


Compare those people to soldiers, police officers, fire fighters, and others who have been injured while protecting and serving YOU and your country.


This peacock boarding is a real-life example of animals that airlines have, under threat of legal action, allowed in-cabin. Uncaged ducks, geese, turkeys and other barnyard animals including ponies and pigs have flown in-cabin… If it can fit through the doorway it can be (arguably) allowed in the seat next to YOU!



Pushing that passenger problem are social media blasting blurbs such as “The DOT has now opened a period for public comment regarding a new proposal that would lay the framework for airlines to ban emotional support animals.” That is not true, it is what is referred to as “click-bait”.


The problem with such traffic-seekers is that your input goes nowhere and it actually harms animal owners, handicapped people, and the airlines. The airlines will hit a brick wall wherein they will be forced to raise all ticket rates or ban all animals in-cabin.


Here is the Notice of Proposed Lawmaking

by {Ref #1} which in fact does seek public comment over the next 60 days. As sensible dog owners we know you will respond with dignity, logic and on behalf of people who in fact do depend on therapy animals capable of offering emotional support to their owners.


And because you trust the NetPlaces Network to provide valid information, here is the official government direct link.


Reference #1 EST 2002 © 2001





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