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May 2017

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(Reported by Nel Liquorman) The group appears to be something that an animal rights group would be generating, so I did some research. They imply that drug companies are draining the blood of horses and using it for medicine and vaccines.


I knew that a hormone drug was reported to have used urine from pregnant horses but this seemed suspicious. I checked universities and CDC and found nothing that supports this petition but indeed, SumOfUs was looking for donations. One complaint suggested that they are a handful of young people (perhaps students) sitting at a computer, raking in donations possibly tied to animal rights people. Mentioned was a German Pharmacy, IDT Biologika.


IDT Biologika GmbH develops, manufactures, and markets animal health products, human vaccines, and pharmaceuticals but I found no connection and nothing to substantiate that any company is drawing any huge amount of blood from horses. If readers receive any solicitation from SumOfUs.Org they should check it out.



Of course your yard is fenced and your dog never runs loose but, just in case, and especially if you have a breed that likes to “go” places, you might take a look at this new product. AKC is going all out into the retail market and while most have a problem with that, if this new-fangled collar saves one dog, it is worth it. : LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker...



April 2017, 20 dogs were seized from a private home by Ontario police and given to the Inland Valley Humane Society. The unsubstantiated implication is that they were pit bull Terriers (or perhaps AKC registered Staffordshire bull Terriers?). It seems that assumption was made on the basis of having found treadmills and weight pulling harnesses “all associated with dog fighting”. Or conditioning that breed for AKC show ring exhibition?


Despite allegations that the dogs were used for pit fighting and were in overall bad physical condition and “skittish and scared and tried to hide” they will be put up for adoption after a 14 day hold! Hard to believe? Either they were used for pit fighting or they were the property of a show breeder…


No mention was made of any criminal charges or court date so a reasonable person would assume the dogs were “taken” without warrant? or probable cause? and that the county will make a profit from the sale. The link title states “suspected dog fighting operation” and presumably there will be a court hearing but by then, the owner’s dogs will have been sold!



A recent published study showed that going from no exercise to brisk walking for a little over an hour a week, hey, that’s only 10 minutes a day, can add nearly 2 years to your life! Of course the study said nothing about walking with your dog but as an efficiency fanatic that’s the 1st thing I thought of when reading the study. We’re going to do a follow-up report but in the meantime, give it a try. Your dog will love it!



If you are even remotely rural, take heed! The USDA wildlife services has planted cyanide bombs designed to kill coyotes. Never mind the why? of that statement, it is being well argued between Animal Rights and Rancher Associations. The point here is that the bombs are often placed on private land without permission from the owner or even more astounding, without letting the land owner know the bombs are there.


Dragons Lair sent this “The M-44s, also known as “coyote-getters,” are designed to lure animals with a smelly bait. When an animal tugs on the device, a spring-loaded metal cylinder fires sodium cyanide powder into its mouth. Over the years, thousands of non-target animals — wild and domestic — have been mistakenly killed by the lethal devices”.


If it bothers you that the government can do something so risky to family pets and potentially, even to children, let me remind you of the RIDICULOUS and OUTRAGEOUS ANIMAL LAWS on the books. When you pay your property taxes, think about the services your local government provides - or allows. Oh, and there’s a really cool video in the Animal Laws section. EST 2002 © 1704





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