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Michigan dog owners panic in 2022 due to a mysterious illness killing young dogs with symptoms similar to parvo virus. What is it and will it spread?


September 5, 2022 Staff


According to Michigan’s Otsego County animal shelter director Melissa Fitzgerald, more than 20 dogs have already died from a “parvo-like illness.” In a strange anomaly, she noted that “most of the dogs who died were less than 2 years old and died within three days of showing symptoms.



Samples were sent to MSU (Michigan State University) which quickly confirmed the disease as canine parvovirus. So is this a new form of parvo or is it simply a good reminder to update your dog’s vaccines?


MSU Veterinary Diagnostics Director Kim Dodd said that the situation was "complex” in that the dogs displayed clinical signs common with parvovirus but that the dogs “consistently test negative by point-of-care tests” which are commonly used in clinics and shelters. We have known Kim for decades and she doesn’t make mistakes.


We can also be sure that Michigan State University uses in-date testing kits. Is it possible the results were skewed? Do parvo tests ever go bad? What do veterinarians say about a “new dog disease”?


Officials noted that the “affected dogs did not have a history of complete vaccination.” Is it possible that all the parvo infected dogs were improperly vaccinated? Or is this an awful warning to get your dog’s shots updated? Parvo isn’t new so has it mutated some way?


Too many questions and too few answers. If you have any first-hand knowledge of vaccine failure or parvovirus break-through cases, email EST 2002 © Aug 2022





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